Blooming Roses

 Long long ago, I went to a fortune teller in New Orleans.  He told me I would live in a home surrounded by roses.

 Since I am the one that planted them, I don't know that I can say he was right.

 Maybe his suggestion caused me to plant a lot of roses.

 Whatever! They are so beautiful when they bloom.

 I am obsessed with my garden.  I check it a couple times each day.

 It's been way too long since I planted one.  I forgot how much I love gardening.

 I think about my dad whenever I am working in it. He was quite the gardener.  There was hardly a plant or tree we didn't have.  We grew cherries, plums, peaches, pears, apples and grapes in the orchard.  I remember pushing the carrot, radish and lettuce seeds in the rows for him when I was 5 years old.  We always planted corn too.  Here I am all these years later doing the same thing.  I tell my kids all the time that it is inevitable, they will garden.  This is the first year for The Blog Tech and he is very excited about it.

 On the way back up to the main house, I am always looking around. I spied these growing on the steps. I think these are Alpine Strawberries.  They grow wild all over my gardens.

 A few poppies are still blooming.

 I am really loving these mirror chains.  They transform the garden when the sun shines.  I need to make more of them.

 The puppy and her umbrella.

She enjoys gardening too.


MandaBurms said…
LOL the fortune teller was right - even if you did plant them. Did you keep a note of all the rose names?
Love Leanne
Nellie said…
That puppy is just the best helper, I'm sure!:-) Your garden looks like such a wonderful place to relax!
Patty Woodland said…
No matter whether the fortune led to the roses or the roses led to the fortune it is a beautiful way to live...
It is something special with roses. I mainly have wild roses here since the climate is a bit rough and I mostly have sand instead of soil in the ground. I do have a couple of other ones too and it looks like they have survived the winter :-)

I have wild strawberries all over my garden too. I planted a few when I moved here and they spread as fast as the wind blows :-) My dogs loves eating them so I rarely get any :-)

What would life be without a garden? and Your garden is so beautiful!

Have a great day!
The pup looks like a ball of furry delight. Love the mirror chains. How whimsical.
Your garden is amazing, I can't believe you hadn't planted one in a long time - you obviously have not lost your green thumb. Love the memories you shared of your dad too!

Have a great day!
Jaz...what a wonderfully, magical, beautiful, secret garden you live in! I love roses and the name in fairy tales of Rose Red. My granddaughter's middle name is Rose just like her Great Grandmother's~~~

Barb said…
I understand. I love to just walk outside and check things everyday. I feel so relaxed out there, even when I'm working hard.
Love the roses! You do good work.
Robin Larkspur said…
Glorious roses. Great memories of gardening with your dad! Can you post the link of the instructions for your mirror chains, I remember you making them last year.
Teddy is the sweetest flower in your garden!
Jeri Landers said…
I am obsessed with my gardens too... and yours! And everyone Else's! I understand the rose addiction. last year I planted 28 roses and this Spring I planted 8, so far. Your garden seems a lovely calming retreat, and it must smell like Heaven.
Tractor Mom said…
Love your roses! When we moved into my grandmother's house, I started trying to nurture her roses back to their former beauty. This year their are really showing out! I've got a post coming later this month on how beautiful they are. Hope to see you stop by...
Kacey said…
Stunning photos. I can only imagine how it must all look in person. I wish I had been brought up learning how to garden! I have all the desire and no know-how. I live vicariously through your garden pics :)
Beverly said…
Your gardens look lovely. I would love to know how you make the mirror chains!
luckybunny said…
Simply gorgeous!