DIY Garden Markers

Cute, huh?
I bought this nice enameled bowl at a thrift store the other day for 1.99 and picked up all of these wooden utensils for 49 cents each.
I turned them into garden markers.  So easy to do and they are very sturdy.
I took them down to the garden this morning and took some photos on the way.  And, I have no idea why the narrative is on the side of some of these pics.

 The lavender is growing like crazy and ready to bloom.  It smells wonderful.

 The Oakleaf Hydrangea blooms are awesome.

 You can see the pollen on the leaf.  It makes me sneeze.

 I found out that I am as dangerous with a power washer as I am with a glue gun. I washed lots of stuff and it was lots of fun!  Look at the difference between the clean and the dirty part on the table.

 A clean fireplace area.

 Look at the difference in the door!

 Now I need to sand it down and oil it.

 The garden is filling out nicely.

 The tomatillos seem to double in size overnight.

 The Serviceberries are ripe and we are eating as many as we can.  And yes, that is dirt under my nails.  I always have dirty hands in the garden.

 I snipped more scapes.

 For some reason, Teddy did not want to join me on the garden walk.

The markers in place.  Click for a closer look.

I am going to buy more spoons and make more markers.  They look cute in the garden.


That is a wagging tail you see.  She was very happy when I returned from the lower gardens.


Anonymous said…
great idea!
Service berries we call sugar plums, Teddy is a class act!
MandaBurms said…
Way cool -
And oh my the power washer - what ever gal needs.
Love Leanne
Guillaume said…
I would love to have garden markers, but would need a garden. I love the fireplace. I miss outdoor fires.
Love your autumn blog makeover, especially that big pile o' squash!
Anonymous said…
I love the markers, great idea !!!
Wonderful garden pictures.
Creepy Glowbugg said…
Brilliant use of those wooden utensils for the garden! Will be looking for some my next time thrifting. I always read your posts and then go back and click on the photos for a close up. Everything you do is pure magic!
Anonymous said…
I never get a chance to eat my service berries, the birds are just to fast and a bit early when taking them. But I have a neighbor that has a hedge made from those bushes and I usually take some berries when I pass :-)

My grapes are just starting to flower :-) I hope they are successful this year.

I started to think about my garden gate this morning at work and I would like to have something like Your doors! I wonder if I can find any goos ones fairly close to here, my car is small and it would be a problem to get them home otherwise :-)

Have a great day!
Robin Larkspur said…
LOL!!! You are so in a rush for it to be Autumn that you have already "squashed" your header!!
Love the pix of the garden today. Did you treat the wooden spoons with polyurethane or some other water proofer? This is a great idea, I never thought about wooden utensils!!
Nellie said…
Super idea for garden markers! Looks like you have done great things with that power washer! Everything is looking so good in your garden.
Joy said…
What a super cute idea! Too bad I don't have a bigger garden space to do something like this! I plan on using some of my lavender in some desserts soon.
The markers! What a great idea!

Oh and I just saw another cool idea, concerning being outside, and coming inside. At "Faerie Cottage And Garden" blog, they made a cool Outside Foot Wash.

When you mentioned dirt under your nails, from gardening, it reminded me of the foot wash.

Even if you don't make/need one, it's a cute post.

Oh and if you do go visit her, will you please say that "Auntie" sent you? I found her blogs very recently and am having fun with reading them.

Have a great fire this evening, and start your Countdown to Autumn!

Happy Midsummer Night's Eve!
Willow said…
What a fun new header on your blog. Wow I am going to have to try my hand at power washing.
Barb said…
What a great idea for garden markers. Your garden area is looking beautiful.
My Grama's Soul said…
It is so wonderful that you grow some of your own food. I have not tried it as of yet....but perhaps someday. Those garden markers are too clever.

Clever! CLEVER to make those wooden utensils markers for your garden. LOVE that picture of Teddy at the top of the stairs.
I was planning on getting my power washer out this weekend - thanks for the encouragement!
Chris said…
Love the spoon idea!!!
luckybunny said…
The garden markers and Teddy are adorable. What a great idea. LOVE the fireplace area too! Beautiful.