How My Garden Grows

 It was not too long ago that my garden looked like this.  The chives and horseradish were coming up and the serviceberries were in bloom.

 Not long after, my garlic popped up and I planted some beans.

 Next came some peppers and tomatoes.

This is the view from this morning.  Even The Blog Tech grew.  He has his summer army haircut.

 This was the driveway container garden.

Here it is now.

 This was right after I planted eggplant in the veggie garden.

 And here it is after I added the tomato cages.

 And this is it this morning.  Soon it will be a jungle!


Michelle said…
looks wonderful!
Marina Pérez said…
Congratulations! You have exactly the garden that I would like having

Jan said…
With all good "stuff" all in a!

I do love visiting your backyard, Jaz, and I love your new header and background!!!

Big Hugs,
Remember the theme song to "George of the Jungle"? All I can think of now is "JAZ, JAZ, JAZ of the Jungle" -- thanks.
Anonymous said…
mother nature's work at its finest!
Anonymous said…
Looks great!

It's amazing how it starts growing after some rain and them some heat to add to it. It never grows the same if its just warm and one waters tha plants a lot. I wonder how they know the difference :-)

Have a great day!
Don't you just love the way, rain, heat & humidity transform a garden! I can't wait to see all your harvest!

I love that I can play in my garden in the morning now that school is out!
It'll be a nice jungle full of goodies.
John M said…
Your garden looks great!
Kathy said…
I love your garden, it won't be long until you harvest your rewards.
I just love your banner, Pumpkins and Gourds are my favorite.
Thanks for sharing, Kathy
Patty Woodland said…
Ha! Hubby does that too - gets all of his hair cut off in the summer and then lets it grow all winter long.

Everything looks great!
Guillaume said…
I love gardens. Lovely to look at things growing.
Barb said…
Really looking great!
You are going to have so many veggies to cook up. Makes me wish I had planted a garden but PH won't let me...and I am serious about that. He is not used to having things grow in his yard..and then he met me. taking it slowly. Next year...
LOVE blowing up those pictures and being so close to all of your Tech looks busy! :)
Joy said…
WOW - looking good! I'm picking my first batch of arugula (finally) for tonight's dinner.
Love your progressive pictures. :-)

Applaud Blog Tech, for his high and tight summer hair cut, too.
Rue said…
Isn't it strange how it seems that we just planted? My garden is starting to look like a jungle with all the rains we've had. Now that I am starting to harvest the first crops - peas, radish, beet greens - I'm thinking of Fall, of course! Your gardens look wonderful!