Power Washing the Garden

It is a glorious day here today.  The temps are cool, the sun is shining and the humidity is low.  We don't get many days like this so I am thoroughly enjoying it.  And I am going to power wash! This whole area is in need of a good washing.  It gets lots of shade and there is moss and mildew on everything.  I am hoping the doors clean up and look a bit like they did when I first bought them.
 This is the view from the top of the gardens.  It's a jungle down there.

 Looking up from the middle pond.

 We had so much rain the other day that I had a bit of flooding.

 My asparagus loved it and stood straight up.

 The tomatillos doubled in size overnight.

 The fennel is thriving in the moist cool soil.

 The roses are droopy and not liking the rain.

 My nasturtiums should bloom soon.

I cut the garlic scapes this morning and made omelets with them.


These are mums from last year.

A view from inside the potting shed.

I am using my Christmas tree trunk as a trellis for the bougainvillea to grow on. It has already started to wrap around it.

The magnolias are about to bloom.

The daffodils are replenishing their bulbs for next year.

Upper pond.

Huge hostas.

The Green Man wants to eat the Bella Donna berries.


Anonymous said…
that green man looks ferocious!Everything is so lush and healthy, feel sorry for the roses though, I hope they don't get disease from all the rain, I found mine were more likely to get rust or black spot when it was really damp, they always recovered though, we had good luck with our roses,
Anonymous said…
As always, Your garden looks beautiful!

It always looks so fantastic after a rain fall, I wonder why it doesn't look the same after one has watered the plants a lot a cloudy day?

Have a great day!
Jan said…
Jaz, I always feel the magick when I visit your enchanted backyard~

LOVE the green man. What a clever use of the Christmas tree trunk.
your garden is still green and lush. rain is good, but as the old saying goes, there is such a thing as - too much of a good thing.

happy saturday.
My Rare One luuuuuvs her power washer too. She can be quite the menace with it.
Such a beautiful yard. Although I think it's more of a small farm than a garden! I can't wait to see your beautiful doors all power washed.

Have a good one!
Willow said…
It looks lush, lavish and lovely to me !
Velva said…
The garden is looking beautiful. I am envious of cool temps and sunshine.

Barb said…
I love seeing pictures of your garden!! That Green Man is great!
Love all the vibrant, growing green!

Cute idea. To use a saved Christmas tree trunk, as a trellis for the bougainvillea.

LOVE that Green Man!!!!!!!!!!!
I love enlarging the pictures..it's almost like being there..make one want to poke around the next corner or see what's behind a gate. :) NEAT!
The "green man" is great since I'm not six years old! :)