Roof Project on Hold

 Sorry for more rose photos but it is all I have.  I waited all day yesterday for the roofers.  By 6:00 pm, I gave up and called them.  They said their truck broke down.  I said, BULLSHIT!!!

 I mean really, no one had a cell phone?  And, your truck broke down for 11 hours? I hate being lied to.

 I checked the weather again this morning.  (above...cuke blossom alert!)

 There are two major storms which could hit us. (above...zucchini blossom sighting!)

 Depending on how these storms play out, we could get lots and lots of rain.

 Flat roofs are not good at their best.

 A flat roof covered by a tarp would keep me awake at night worrying.  I live at the very top of a mountain and we get very high winds.

 So, the roof project is on hold until we see a forecast clear of rain. (this is a view of the guest house coming down the stairs from above.)

 We have had barely a drop of rain this entire Spring.

 Murphy's Law!

 In retrospect, thank god for incompetent workmen or I would be roofless right now with lots of rain possible. Sometimes things work out for the best.

A harvest of garden lettuce!  It makes me very happy.


Anonymous said…
oh your gardens are beautiful, I had to laugh, I'll tell you why, when you were talking about the the truck breaking down and then said the storms were coming I thought, you conjured up the stormy weather to match your temper, lol!!!!I can't wait to see the new roof! You have such a beautiful home, the roof sounds unusual, very unique, I love the signs, what beautiful work, I really really love the bats,
Patty Woodland said…
Sometimes things do work out for the best.

I don't know what it is with contractors any more.
Anonymous said…
A good thing they never turned up then :-) But how can they even try a lie like that??

We had frost last night and I hope it was the last for this season. Nothing got damaged though but I hope it did kill a few flies :-) :-) :-)

Have a great day!
Joy said…
Just be thankful you aren't getting all the rain like we have been in Eastern Europe! We barely escaped flooded Prague this weekend. :-( Good luck with the new roof when the weather clears up!
I was off line so I missed that you have roof troubles. Oh sigh.... Hope it all worked out, for the best.

Yikes to the big storms and rains coming and all of it. -sigh-

I can imagine how you hate the thoughts of a big project like this. the project itself. And having workmen crawling all over your house. -sigh-

Oi, the roof! Could you get someone else? No rain here either, hills so dry.
Guess what Joyce, I found those Seville crackers right here at our tiny little local market. Orange ones too, I just couldn't believe my eyes. Very uptown for us.
Hope you get rain, then the roof!
Nellie said…
Love the lettuce! We were harvesting from last fall's planting until the past week-end. The lettuce and greens had reseeded themselves1
I am sorry that you have to delay something that is so important :{

Beautiful photos, Jaz!!!
The lettuce looks yummy. glad you put the roof on hold til the weather improves.
like the garden pics.....veggies on the way, unless rain take them away.....

the little lettuces are cute.

the county where we are has tropical storm warnings. we are near the coast.

we will just load up and go early to Jacksonville, Florida.
I started this comment four hours ago... :( Maybe I emailed you but whatever the case..was wondering how Teddy is doing.
Yep..they fed you a line, those workers!
You know..I hate something like that hanging over my head..but think I would rather be hung by my heels than go through that "rippin' off" part of the roof job. It's horrible..and messy. I wish it was all over for you...
It's like waiting for major surgery to take place..and they tell you they won't know the whole story until they open you up.
I could have gone all day and not said that!! :( Sorry!
It will all be over one day soon and you will look back and laugh! (NOT!)
MandaBurms said…
Hope you find a new subby when the weather forecast is more favourable.
Your lettuce looks wonderful - ours got eaten by varmints, no doubt rabbits and pukekos while I slept!
Love Leanne
chickpea678 said…
"Thank God for incompetent roofers or else..." Way to see the bright side! I also question a truck breaking for 11 hours with no one having a cell phone on them.
luckybunny said…
Same here, lots of rain. Garden looks gorgeous and so exciting about the first lettuce!!
Lauren Floyd said…
Having flat roofs really needs regular maintenance particularly in rainy season, because the water can be stuck in one place that can damage the roof. Delaying the work is very disappointing, particularly for you that there's a weather forecast of possible rain in your area that day. Did you call for another roofer to do the job? Because that's what I did when I'm not satisfied with my roofers job during my house renovation. | Lauren Floyd @