Summer 2013

 Summer has started here like gangbusters. It is in the 90's with high humidity.  Gross!  I've got a floral afro going here.

 And I am still buying stuff for the garden.  I picked up gooseberries.

 And some white currents.

 The Blog Tech's salsa garden is flourishing. The peppers are starting to turn red.

 Have you ever seen this?  It'd Mexican cilantro. It is thorny and leathery but it grows better than regular cilantro. I had never seen it until this year.

 Several varieties of clematis growing together.

 Starting to cascade.

 Daylilies are blooming.

Rosemary, sage and petunias.

Watch for the Strawberry Moon tonight.


Robin Larkspur said…
Your planters are glorious. I love all the colors.
I must say I do hate the heat; I was working on some containers outside this morning, but had to come in as the sun beat down on me, ugh!
I am excited for the Full Moon tonight, the Strawberry Moon. Daiquiris, anyone?
Anonymous said…
Beautiful flowers!

I must get some red currants too, I already have plenty black ones and they grow in the wild here too.

It's cloudy here and it will stay like that so I'll miss the moon tonight I'm afraid.

Have a great day!
Anonymous said…
everything looks amazing, don't you just love the name "Strawberry Moon".
Nellie said…
No fan of heat and humidity here, either! I've never heard of that cilantro. Ours has reseeded itself! That is one advantage of a mild climate, I suppose.
Sorry you are sooooo hot, so soon.

Just beautiful flowers/veggies though, and they are certainly loving the weather. Even if you aren't.

I looked up our Moon Rise here tonight, and it's for 7:48pm. Now to find a high spot, for viewing. Trouble is, we are living at the highest spot in the city. But are pretty surrounded by trees. Which mess with both our sunrise and sunsets views.

And Full Moon views too.

Until it has risen well above Moon Rise.

But then (Moon rise), is when you get the best "color" possibilities. Seeing it, through the earth's haze, when it's just rising.

Happy June Strawberry Full Moon!!!
MandaBurms said…
Rosemary, sage and petunias SMILE!!!

The two hemispheres seem to be really doing extreme intense weather patterns.

I'll wave to you tonight as I sit with the full moon.

Love Leanne
Apparently it's a Super Moon tonight too!
Never heard of the Strawberry Moon. Hope the clouds clear. LOVE your cilantro.
I can't believe the pile of squash and pumpkins. Can you imagine having that in your yard. Wouldn't that be so neat. The garden is looking good!
Guillaume said…
Great know there is a summer somewhere.
It's hard to believe we're on the same coast & your temps are so much hotter than mine! Love how lush your gardens are!
YOU have just given me a wonderful idea. I will plant berries along that side wall..wonderful delicious berries. Now to decide what kind. I love boisenberries..but I need to do some checking to see if they will grow well here.
Your flowers would be singing if they could!! I really believe that!!
Barb said…
So sorry to hear about the heat!!! Your garden doesn't seem to mind-it is beautiful and going like gang busters!!
Anonymous said…
It is a complete flower feast !!
I had never seen that cilantro before too.
Happy Summer Solstice.
luckybunny said…
Beautiful, love the planters.
luckybunny said…
Beautiful, love the planters.