The Best Hamburger Sliders with Truffle Mustard

Mmmmm....hamburger sliders with cheddar, blue cheese and truffle mustard.    
 We have been on a truffle mustard kick around here.  It's so easy to make and killer delicious!  Just mix a jar of country dijon mustard, 2 tsp. yellow mustard and truffle oil to taste. I add lots of the oil!  Mix it thoroughly and eat it on anything you would use mustard on. Heaven!  The guys wanted sliders the other day so I made them these.  They said these were the best they have ever eaten.  They took 15 minutes to make.  Start by brushing slider buns with melted butter.

 Form small burgers about 1 inch thick.

 Crack sea salt and black pepper on them.

 Cook on a griddle pan over high heat.

 Broil the buns.

 Cover one side of the buns with crumbled blue cheese and the olther side with a good sharp cheddar. I used a Double Gloucester.

 Cook the burgers until they have a nice crisp exterior but are still on the rare side in the middle.  They continue to cook a bit when removed from the heat. You want these medium rare and not well done.

 Place a burger on each bun.

 Top with a heaping spoonful of the truffle mustard and munch away!


Anonymous said…
my fella's ( husband and son, don't mean I have a lot of fella's) would go for this big time, as for me,,,,
I would love the macaroni salad you have on the side!!
Have a great day !
Patty Woodland said…
I can't wait 'til I get a grill!
Never heard of 'sliders.' But OH WOW!

How you make 'em!!!!!!

Never heard of making truffle mustard either. Learn something new, every day. :-)
I am so hungry right now. The sliders look good, but that truffle mustard sounds delicious, especially combined with the cheeses.
Anonymous said…
Both looks and sounds delicious! Well, except for the mustard part :-)

The only time I have mustard is when making christkas ham otherwise I just can't stand it :-) :-) :-)

Have a great day!
Just too tempting your sliders Joyce!
My mouth is watering, this truffle mustard sounds so good, so as your sliders! Ozlem x
Looks yummy--will have to give it a try
Guillaume said…
Been eating loads of burgers recently, it seems I can't get enough!
Nellie said…
I'd say you had some happy guys after they enjoyed these!
I just had dinner a couple of hours ago..and after reading this I could eat another entire dinner...of these! I think I moaned out loud when I read about the cheeses. PH immediately said "are you alright?" I said NO!
The olive oil specialty store I go to has truffle oil but I have never purchased it. The next time I go I will make sure I buy a bottle. The burgers look delicious.
luckybunny said…
Oh man, I'm drooling. That does look ridiculously good.