A Sunflower Puppy

 This was from the day before the Great Rain.  Teddy came out for her usual Blog Tech scratchdown.

 Ahhhh...this feels good!

 And now this is something she started doing recently.  I ask her if she wants to come with me to feed the fish.  She takes off running.

 She doesn't usually do much running.

 But she books it.

 All the way down to the lower garden where she has to slow herself down by running in a circle.

 And then she does this.

 She very gently nibbles off the leaves of my sunflowers.  She does this while barely moving the stems.  As she moves to the next plant, she tramples the ones she has nibbled on.  To say the least, my sunflowers are not flourishing.  Has anyone seen this behavior before?

I looked it up and found that sunflower leaves help with bad poops?  I gave her an Imodium this morning.


Jan said…
I just love, Teddy! And she is smart, too :}
Nellie said…
Never heard of a pup eating sunflowers! She sure is cute, though.
Anonymous said…
I have never heard anything about something like that :-) My dogs eat the entire dandelion plant but they leave my sunflowers alone :-)

Did Your plants and veggies survive the great rain? Heavy rain can destroy so much.

Have a great day!
Patty Woodland said…
Animals are smart so who knows....
Oh my gosh, isn't that something?!? Dogs knowing that nibbling this plant will help with their bowl movements! Amazing!

We got some heavy rain, but not a lot. It/storm must have worn itself out, before it got over east, to me.

But flowers are rather bedraggled by all the rain. Everything looks a bit bedraggled, around here. -pout-
Teddy is a mystery unto herself.
Ellen in Oregon said…
Maybe Teddy just likes the taste of the sunflowers. If she is having GI issues that may account for all the running. Exercise stimulates the colon to move things along (Same thing for people).
I have a cat that loves to eat verbena so much that I can only plant it in hanging baskets or it will be totally devoured. I sometimes wonder if he would enjoy a nice cup of verbena tea?
Hope your torrential rains subside soon & if it doesn't, you can use all the roofing lumber to build a small ark.
Teddy seems to have discriminating taste! LOL. Duke's favorite is the grass . . .
Barb said…
Teddy makes me smile!!
NEVER heard of dogs and sunflowers. Might be Teddy's herbal remedy for something????
Sandy said…
I absolutely LOL at your last sentence!! Love your Teddy!
Teddy is such a joy. Must be hilarious to see her run with excitement to get to the sunflowers.
Love Leanne
luckybunny said…
Teddy is adorable and that's so cute she gets all excited!!
Joyce said…
I just love watching Teddy, especially this story with the sunflowers. Gave me a good laugh. Must pass this on to my friends. There is nothing better on this earth than animals. God Bless
ChgoJohn said…
Too cute! Im surprised she does it with you taking photos. My dog will wait until I'm distracted before he gets into things. Then again, after 5 years, he's old enough to know when to do things, like when my back is turned. :)
Nope. I've never seen that behavior before but it could be just Teddy's way of telling you something.
Mele has fur like Teddy only it falls to the floor. I only feed her Science Diet since birth and she can have a bit of my breakfast toast..that's it. Bad poop with Mele could be...um..a disaster! :)
Imodium should do the trick! (Did I spell that right?) I know dogs eat grass when not feeling well..so..who knows. Interesting..