Beautiful Weather and Farm Envy

 We have had a couple of gorgeous days here lately.  Nice and cool at night and not too warm during the day. 

 I could get to like summer if all the days were like these.

 We hit the road yesterday to go to a farm market which I read about. Some farmers must have known this weather was coming because lots of them were cutting their hay.

 I never found the farm market but I did manage to buy 4 dozen eggs that are so fresh, I had trouble cracking them this morning. The shell would crack but the membrane was hard to break.

 A Mennonite woman was selling them and told me the hens were her son's project to make money.  I thought that was so nice.

 I think I will head out tomorrow in search of another farm market. It is so pretty to drive out in the country in this weather. I need zucchini for the shelter and my plants are still only producing male blossoms.  Has this ever happened to any of you?  My plants look healthy and there are lots of blossoms but no female ones.

 And now for the farm envy.  I LOVE this place. Click for a closer look.

I have barn envy too.


Gorgeous! I have farm and barn envy constantly. The weather has certainly improved where I live as well. Nice and cool. Makes me excited for fall!
Beautiful home and farm--looks very peaceful ans serene
Anonymous said…
It was a bit cooler here for a while but now it's getting hotter again. Otherwise I think our summer this year would have been one You would have liked. It rarely get especially hot here during summer.

We rarely have farm markets here, I know of one in early autumn. Too many laws and regulations to make that happen I'm afraid.

Beautiful house and barn!

Have a great day!
Anonymous said…
farmers markets all over here too, what a beautiful home and barn, we have many red barns here, I think its the color of choice!
I think of all people you should be on a farm, !!!!
Patty Woodland said…
He has never failed to supply me with more zucchini than a person could ever want. They have started coming in. So far it's one, two, three at a time. But I know. I KNOW that soon they will take over my life.
Nellie said…
We had a nice cool morning today, and there is no rain in our forecast for today! A true miracle!

There is something so appealing about a farmhouse with a good barn!
Mennonites and Hutterites always have the best farm-fresh items for sale! Probably the Amish do too but we don't have any here in Alberta.
I just know I'd be good friends with the mother who is helping her son do a money making project. Thank you for buying some of his eggs.

Our summers here are like that not too hot in day time or at night. Perfect for getting outdoors.

Love Leanne
Jeri Landers said…
I would recognize that gourd pyramid anywhere, Country Living Faire! I do the CLFaire in Ohio and Atlanta. The farm house you envy is just perfect, look at those 5 fabulous windows all in a row.
Barb said…
You have given me a bit of farm envy! I do love that house! I'm so glad you are having some nice weather!
Robin Larkspur said…
We've had cooler less humid weather too and I have been loving it!
Too bad you couldn't find that market, but the eggs were worth the trip. Wonderful barn and house!! Envy here too!
Gorgeous cloud formations. Hope you find your zucchini tomorrow.
Gorgeous cloud formations. Hope you find your zucchini tomorrow.
I have "nice drive" envy. No place pretty to take a drive here. Too much traffic.. :(
Mary Ann said…
"cool nights and warm days"... just to my liking, too.
Sandy said…
Several years ago was the last time I planted zucchini...because I had healthy plants and lots of blossoms and no zucchini. I did not research why, and now I know!!