Brownie S'mores Bars

This is a dessert I made for the shelter yesterday.  I quadrupled the recipe but I will give you the measurements for a single recipe.
 Make your favorite brownie recipe or prepare a box of brownie mix.  Pour half of the batter in the bottom of a 9X11 pan which has been sprayed with cooking spray and lined with parchment.  Place a layer of graham crackers over the batter.

 Place a layer of milk chocolate bars over the crackers.

 Add another layer of graham crackers.

 Sprinkle a bag of miniature marshmallows over the crackers.

 Cover with the remaining brownie batter.  Bake at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes or until a toothpick stuck in the middle comes out clean.

I am guessing that these were very good though I never got a taste of them. 


Barb said…
They sure look good!
Oh wow, they look goooood! Betcha' they were a hit!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jan said…
I just have to make this for my family!!! Thank you for sharing this yummy dessert, Jaz :}

I'll bet the guys at the shelter were very happy to get this sweet treat!
Robin Larkspur said…
This looks like a great dessert to make not only for a summer time treat, but at Halloween time too. I think I know some people that would enjoy this immensely. Thanks!!
Patty Woodland said…
Yummy - although I doubt that toothpick would ever come out clean. heheh
They look scrumptious. But I bet they smelled wonderful too.
Nellie said…
These would be addictive! Chocolate is definitely a weakness with me.:-)
Laura said…
I think my blood sugar just skyrocketed looking at them! But I'm definitely giving this a try!

ps...Hugs to Teddy! :-)
Guillaume said…
I love decadent food like this.
Sunnybrook Farm said…
Wow, if I was ever stranded in the arctic, I would want a pan of those until help came. I can see why you didn't get to have any leftovers.