Fall Decorating

We've been having some cool nights and it is putting me in the mood to decorate for Fall.  I have to decide what I want to do with my front porch this year.

This was the front last year.  I decorated it in honor of my good friend Kary who died one year ago this week.  She loved Fall as much as I do.  I sure miss her. 

I think I want to do something different this year.

Four white pumpkins, one has a face.  I swear, Teddy really enjoyed laying amongst these pumpkins.
If I decide to have my Fall party, I think I will make this cake.
I love them all!
All true except the hot chocolate part.  I don't like hot chocolate.
I hope this put you in a Fall mood!  Most photos came from pinterest.


Nellie said…
Teddy certainly makes one cute pumpkin!
Sunnybrook Farm said…
Fall, no no no, I still have a lot of summer to do!
My Grama's Soul said…
Hi Jazz........I must say....TEDDY is the loveliest pumpkin of all!


No sorry, no mood for autumn despite those beautiful photographs :-) But I wouldn't mind a shower or two since it's so dry here now. But I'm afraid that if it starts raining it will never stop :-)

Have a great day!
Can I please come to your fall party?! I love fall too and that cake looks divine! Those decorations are beautiful. I think I might be going all out for fall this year. I feel as though I didn't give it my all last year since I was just moving into the house. This year will be better!
Laurie said…
such beautiful Fall photos, the one with Teddy is my fav of course!
Dee said…
Very pretty but it is in the 90s here! Maybe if I decorate for fall - the weather will take the hint.
Your Halloween front porch is always an EVENT!

P.S. Speaking of hockey, I heard a couple of days ago that your pal Jagr is now going to be a New Jersey Devil. Cool!
SMILE you gotta be the queen of the fall! Looking forward to see you decorate.
Love Leanne
Sandy Sandy said…
Patty Woodland said…
Still hot as the devil out here
Jeannine520 said…
I've BEEN in a fall mood and your beautiful pics are encouraging me. I'm already planning our Halloween party and yard haunting for this year. Last year we served popcorn and caramel apples to 800 kids and a spooky cocktail to about 500 parents. This year I think we're doing cake pops and adding a witch at the stake. Can't wait for fall!!!! Looking forward to your porch pics.
Guillaume said…
Oh how appropriate your post is! Today is the Saint Anne's Day, when the blueberries are ripe (in my Saguenay homeland at least). It means, in a way, the first day of the beginning of some kind of harvest. For me, this is when summertime is slowly starting to end.
Robin Larkspur said…
Well, it is almost time to celebrate First Harvest (Aug 1st, Lughnasadh) so thinking about decorating for fall is okay. I agree with Sandy Sandy....crows.
chickpea678 said…
Wow, look at those steps! Can you really make that cake?!? I would truly be amazed! (Although I am now remembering that ghost cake you did a while back--that was incredible.)
Teddy fits right in that autumn scene perfectly. I'm so ready for the season I want to decorate too. But I lost the bag that has all my faux primitive fall critters.
Mystica said…
I love that you decorate for the season! does everyone?
Barb said…
This is about the time of year I begin to think about fall too. I always look forward to see how you decorate!
I remember that porch...and the death of your dear friend. So much loss in the blogging world. We've both lived through some very sad times.
I love that you are so into decorating for Fall. I've tried not to begin too early..but it just seems the season goes by so quickly that it's my all time favorite..so, I just sort of start around August..and take my time. This year..I kinda jumped the gun so it makes me feel great that you are thinking along the same lines.:)
Mary Ann said…
Love those pictures! I made a Fall 2013 board on Pinterest and two days later made an "Autumn 2013" board... duhhhhhh but I'm sure having fun looking at Fall stuff!
While I love fall and fall decorating, I can wait! I detest cold weather!
Theresa N. said…
Beautiful cake.
Theresa N
Margaret said…
I have been daydreaming of lovely autumn too. Can't wait
Renee B said…
The front of your house is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life. I can't wait to see how you decorate it this year.