Garden Fresh Spaghetti

 I went down to the garden yesterday morning and came back with this.  Some nice tomatoes.

 Basil, oregano and thyme.

 Celery....nothing quite like homegrown celery.

 A sweet onion from the farm market.

 Time for some marinara sauce.  I like to add some carrots for sweetness.

 I pureed it with a stick blender and added some meatballs.

 I always mix my pasta with some sauce before serving.

 And then add extra sauce on top.

Then serve it with some grated Pecorino-Romano.  Mangia!


Patty Woodland said…
You're ahead of me but maybe I'll have tomatoes soon.

I've finally put a tour of the garden up on my blog today.
Nothing like using veggies from your own garden to make a GREAT meal. LOOKS delicious. The carrots add a nice touch, never thought of that????
Sandy said…
I'm coming to your house for dinner :-)

Actually, I'm making homemade sauce and having spaghetti tonight too.
Anonymous said…
beautiful, what could be better!
Anonymous said…
That looks so delicious!

I can pick a few tomatoes every day now :-) Can't remember when that happened the last time :-) But nothing else have worked at all :-) Well, lots of black currents and goose berries and it will be a great apple year.

Have a great day!
Barb said…
Yum! I was finally able to buy a few little tomatoes at our farmer's market yesterday.
Jan (JFM) said…
You are one of the best cooks, gardeners, and on top of this you have a beautiful home, Jaz!!! You amaze me! Your photos make my mouth water...yummmmmm!!!
Guillaume said…
My kind of pasta. Gosh I am hungry just looked at the pictures.
Sunnybrook Farm said…
That has just got to taste good. Can you believe that my daughter will not eat spaghetti!
Willow said…
You just made me SO HUNGRY. YUM.
Now why didn't I think of that!? Mixing the spaghetti with a bit of sauce..and then adding it on top instead just a pot of ..pasta! You brighten my life, Joyce..:)
Mary Ann said…
I have never seen carrots in spaghetti sauce... I would think it would sweeten it up a little. I just put a little sugar in mine, but we rarely use sauce anymore, going for olive oil instead.