It's Damp Outside

 I have never seen a rain like this.  At times it was so heavy, I could not see out of my windows.

 I tried to take some pics from the inside. Teddy is not happy.  She is still barking at the rain.

I took food to the shelter this morning and roads were closed everywhere due to flooding.  It is still pouring and more is on the way for this afternoon.  They are saying it will be heavy! We have had rain every day since the day they dropped off the roofing materials, except for weekends.  And yes, of course my roof is leaking!


A roof report!

Awwwwwwww, it's still not done, and still leaking. -sigh-

I get such a kick out of Teddy, barking at the rain. I like her Attitude!!!!
We have plenty of rain here - hopefully your rain is cooling you all down over there.

Leaking roof No fun!
Love Leanne
Nellie said…
Oh, so sorry for the leaking roof!

We have had MORE than enough rain already this month! Six inches total in our rain gauge just last week! The garden has just been mud! More rain is expected, even beginning this afternoon.
Rain all night and the bigger part of the day here but finally the sun shines again. Cold too, mostly aroung 50F all day. I don't mind a cool day every now and again but today was so cold I used my winter jacket :-)

That's just so typical, it can be hot and dry all year round but when You want to fix the roof the rain never stops!

Have a great day!
Isn't that always the way it goes? I hope things dry up soon so they can fix your roof!
petoskystone said…
We had a light shower yesterday, but only because the humidity was so high, the clouds couldn't hold the moisture! Hopefully, if we get some rain, it will wait until after the grandchildren & I have returned from their tumbling class.
Debby said…
all this rain is unreal. I am in Ohio and it has rained everyday for a week. Today tornado warnings are on the way and some really strong winds. Sure hope we can hold on to our power. Where my mom lives it is hitting right now. She is volunteering at the hospital. Yikes. she is 86 and doesn't move too quickly.
Stay safe and as dry as possible. Is your roof tarped. Hope it clears up soon so you can get the roofing done.
Tammy said…
In Arkansas, we have had half an inch since May, with temps above 90 the entire time, and one week of temps above 100 in June, just for good measure.

The leaves are already coming off the trees and my garden is dead. Do please stay safe and dry, but enjoy those full wells!
Guillaume said…
You be careful on the road, you stay safe. Stay inside as much as you can. Play a game of Call of Cthulhu to pass time (my answer to a rainy day in summertime).
that's a pretty mean phooey!

hope the rain goes away and the roof is replaced, soon.
that's a pretty mean phooey!

hope the rain goes away and the roof is replaced, soon.
Robin Larkspur said…
We have had a lot of rain as well, and when it is not raining it is hotter than hell! Miserable conditions.
I feel bad for you about the roof! Hope there won't be too much damage where the leaks are.
Tell Teddy I feel like barking at the rain too!
Barb said…
Oh dear! what a pain!
We've had rain like that almost nonstop for two or three weeks. Sorry about your roof.
Dee said…
We had 20 inches of rain here in Florida last week and the forecast is for another week of rain! Sorry about your roof.
Yep. Pretty much the same thing here in New York!
ChgoJohn said…
That's an awful lot of rain. Hope it ends soon and your roof repairs can start. Good luck!
luckybunny said…
not good about the roads or you roof - hope it's OK? I can't believe the rain that came down. Whew.
The news is telling us of the heavey rains in the East. NONE for us but lots of cloudy days..and an oppressing heat which will hit triple digit again this Sunday.. But of course your roof would leak! I'm sooo glad out roof is on and the leaks have stopped, but of course now there is no rain.
And..OF COURSE you went out in that weather to deliver food to the shelter!! But..that's our Joyce!
drop that e from heavy... :) thanks.