My First Harvest and the Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

This is when all of the work starts to pay off.  This was my harvest this morning.  The fennel and peppers have already been turned into spaghetti sauce.
I have lots of these mushrooms in my garden.

Does anyone recognize what kind they are?

I made The Blog Tech and his father their favorite chocolate chips cookies.  Does anyone else notice how so much of my food matches my granite?  Anyway, if you want the cookie recipe, you can find it here:


Anonymous said…
Sorry, don't know anything about American mushrooms.

I had some tomatoes that were turning red but the magpies destroyed them, well plenty more are on the way and the magpies seems to have left my garden :-)

Have a great day!
-chuckle- Much of your cooking, matches your granite. Cute!

Ahhh yes, harvest. Already. Good for you.

'Tis still hot in these parts, but it gets cloudy, now and then. I actually left windows/doors open today! I love that!!!!

but now, the sun is beating down on the south side and it's time to give up. Close up. Turn on A/C.


Happy Dark of the Moon!
Robin Larkspur said…
Beautiful harvest!
Tremendous looking choc chip cookies.
Don't know mushrooms, except the ones in the store. Good luck finding out.
Patty Woodland said…
Maybe that way you can hide a couple of cookies on your counter for yourself. Bwahahahaha
Nellie said…
Can't help you with the mushrooms, but I'll help eat those cookies!:-)
Guillaume said…
I usually start thinking about harvest in August, it is for me a sign of autumn and of course upcoming Halloween. At the end of July it is blueberry time.
LOVE c c cookies! Can't help you on the mushrooms, but I wouldn't eat them unless I knew for certain!
Barb said…
Good for you , a harvest and it is only early July.
Nope. No expert on mushrooms, but I haven't met a mushrooom I didn't like. I remember the chocolate chip cookies well. I gave that recipe to DIL and she loved it.
WOW what a great harvest you had. Don't know about the mushrooms????
We harvested our 2 ripe Roma tomatoes tonight and ate them with supper. Yum! Okay, so maybe it's a harvest on a smaller scale than yours, but it's still a harvest, LOL!
My tomatoes are still as tiny and as green as the figs on my (and your) tree.
luckybunny said…
I will have to try those cookies, the guys favorite here. They look delicious. congrats on the first harvest, yay!