Picking Garlic

 I picked my garlic yesterday.

 I got some good sized heads but some were very small.

 My tomatillas are almost 7 feet high.

 I had to pull out my cucumbers because they developed wilt. Some of my tomatoes are having problems too.  The humidity and rain has not been garden friendly.

 I love this Black Eyed Susan vine.  It has topped it's lattice in just weeks and is making it's way across the counter.

 I've been picking baskets of tomatoes.

 I pulled up my leeks too.

 Once the garlic dries, I will braid it.

I bought these for the upper garden so teddy does not have to go as far in this heat to nibble.  Notice the bites out of the lower leaves?


Sunnybrook Farm said…
Our garlic got too wet and died, I will try again this fall and see what happens as I like to cook with fresh garlic!
Too bad about the cucumbers! Too much water I guess, they tend to die then. But those leeks are just amazing! I've never gotten that big ones myself.

So nice that Teddy have her sunflower medicine that close now :-)

Have a great day!
Patty Woodland said…
He pulled our garlic this week too.
Lots and lots...
Barb said…
Sure wish I would have some of your tomatoes! Keep Teddy cool!
I hope the "sunflower leaves tonic" is helping Teddy with her scoots.
I was commenting to Brent as I read your blog this morning that your garlic bulbs were small. Brent said well why has she pulled them up? They have just been planted. He got quite confused with northern and southern hemispheres. SMILE.
I swear by worm wee for my garlic. Maybe you want to get a worm farm? I love my girls!

Love Leanne
POOR Teddy. Addicted to sunflowers.
Joyce said…
One of my favorite parts of your blog is Teddy. He is a gorgeous Chow. Love the stories
I've known dogs to eat grass, but this is the first I've heard of them eating sunflower leaves..but..there is a first for everything. She must find them tasty. :)
What a fantastic garden you have planted!

Your yield is being great, even though the weather hasn't been purrrrrfect, by any means.

Awwwww and how good of you, to think to bring sunflowers up... So Teddy goesn't have to go so far, for her *tummy fix.* :-)))))))))))))
Suzanne said…
So much rain! I hate you had to dig up your cucumbers.
chickpea678 said…
Ooh! Can't wait to see the braided garlic! I've never done that... Can you give a small tutorial? I hope to grow garlic in the near future as we use tons of it.
chickpea678 said…
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Raven said…
Your garden looks so beautiful! If I may ask, what state do you live in? I'm jealous that you get such good vegetables.