Red Snapper Fish Sandwiches

 Thank you daughter for my pretty flowers!

When I made the buns the other day, I made some larger ones to make fish sandwiches for my guys.
 First, I made tartar sauce.  Mix 1 cup of mayonnaise with the juice of 1 lemon, 3 T. capers, 3 T. diced cornichons, 2 T. minced red onion, 1 tsp. dijon mustard and some ground black pepper and salt.

Slice some of your fresh tomatoes, lay them on paper towels and sprinkle them with sea salt.

Mix some flour and cornmeal and season it with pepper, granulated garlic and seasoned salt.

I toasted the buns under the broiler with a bit of garlic butter.

I used fresh red snapper, dipped it in the flour mixture and pan fried it in a small amount of olive oil in a nonstick pan.

Fry the fish over medium heat until the surface is very crisp.

It's perfect on the homemade buns with fresh lettuce and tomatoes from the garden.

The person around here that thinks he will drop dead if anything with mayonnaise touches his lips, ate his sandwich with Polish ketchup.  Btw.....Polish ketchup is excellent if you can find it where you live.

The normal people ate theirs with the excellent tartar sauce.

Chewy bun, crunchy and flaky fish and good tomatoes.....a great fish sandwich!


Barb said…
I don't see much snapper up here but I bet that would be great with halibut! I love the flowers! Your DD has great taste in flowers. I especially like white combos.
Fish and ketchup? Ooo, that's just not right.
Jan (JFM) said…
My mouth is watering and I am truly hungry now!!!

Lovely flowers from your daughter, Jaz.

gloriahanaway said…
What a sweet daughter! The fish looks delish for lunch (except the catsup part- hey but I can't point fingers because both my parents and my Mother still puts catsup on their hot dogs, except when we're at Costco and I put the toppings on LOL). You make me want to try baking bread so bad! My Mother has always said I don't have enough sense to bake bread but I would still like to give it a try. I will search your recipes for something easy or fail proof! I look forward to your post every day and news of Teddy's hunt for bad kitties!
Laurie said…
wow that sounds amazing,
So now I am hungry, hungry, hungry...
Patty Woodland said…
They look delish! I love a bit cornmeal on fried fish.
Can't imagine any kind of ketchup on a delish sandwich like that one. But I'll trust you it was good. Put tarter sauce on mine. I'll be there soon. :)
Dee said…
That looks so good!
Eilis said…
That looks sooooo good. I love fish !!!
Such beautiful flowers. You have a sweet daughter !!
Have a great day.
Beautiful flowers from your daughter!!!

There's nothing like a good fish sandwich! Does that person who is petrified by mayo know what it's made from? LOL!!!

Thank heavens the heat wave broke!!! Seven days of temps in the 90's was too much!!! We're in Maine today and the temps are in the 70's ~ it's heaven!

Guillaume said…
This fish sandwich looks delicious.
Nellie said…
Now - I'm hungry, and I've already eaten my "quota" for the day.:-)
Looks so yummy. I love fish. Good recipe.

Is the red fished filet and free of bones?

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Anonymous said…
I am always looking out for a good tartare sauce.. this looks grand esp with my home made mayo! Hope you are cooling down! c
chickpea678 said…
It's time for bed but now I'm hungry for chewy bread, crispy fish, garden tomatoes and lettuce and homemade tartar sauce! How am I going to sleep?!
Don't even THINK of opening a restaurant unless it's in California within blocks of my house. HEAVENS!!
I've just eaten my breakfast and I still want to devour that fish sandwich. Awesome looking!
Anonymous said…
I don't think you could eat a better sandwich if you tried. I sounds terrific.