Some Cool New Things

 Round saltines...who knew?  And why did they feel compelled to join the round cracker world?

 I got these two cuffs off of Etsy.


And this is the whole double, double scene from MacBeth.  Click for a closer look.  Hope you are staying cool wherever you are.  It is awful here.


Robin Larkspur said…
Have not seen round saltines here yet. Guess they were tired of being square.
Very very nice cuff bracelets!!!
Horrible here too, hot humid. Miserable. Yeesh!!
LOVE the cuffs. AWESOME. Never have seen round saltines here.
Patty Woodland said…
Great cuffs.
I haven't seen the round saltines either
No round saltines here! I rather like the square ones. And I just love Etsy. You can find the neatest things.
LOVE those cuffs and it's about time that Saltines joined the 21st century.
Guillaume said…
Great, spooky cuffs!
Barb said…
Love the cuffs! Only a new Grand daughter could get me to Alabama in July!I don't care if it rains every day for the rest of my life, I have found the perfect place for me to live. I CAN'T be outside here!!!
Willow said…
Those cuffs are beauties indeed.
"They" don't sell the round saltines in my store either. Will have to look for them when I go to the big city. LOL
My Grama's Soul said…
Oh crack me up with your Halloween cuffs......I bet you even have "witchy" I supposed to write this on a blog. LOL LOL LOL

Anyway...they are actually great....I used to listed to Edgar Allen Poe with my cousin when I was small. We would hideout in his room and put a large 33 1/3 record on the phono ( they even make these anymore).....and I would be scared out of my pants. (:(:(:


Nellie said…
Actually, while it is the warmest weather we've had this summer, it still hasn't been too terrible, even though our high temps are in the low nineties. Great finds on Etsy!
T&C's Travels said…
Why are they round? Because there is 22% less product in a round cracker (2") compared to a square cracker (2"). They will fit in the same box. They want everyone to switch over to the round crackers. Compare the price. Is it 22% less?
Love those cuffs! Looks like you love Halloween as much as I do! :)
Actually, I tried and love, the no salt tops rounds. Say that fast 3 times.......

stayed inside most of the day. went for a walk in the woods at 7 pm. Molly and I were worn out but felt good.
Those bracelets are FANTASTIC! You find the most wonderful things on ebay! I love them!!!!
Saltines? Where? huh?