A Fair in the Woods Part 2

 Some artist cleverly carved tree trunks around the festival grounds.

 Wind spinners and a random fair visitor.

 When we were leaving, there were cars as far as the eye could see.

 And cows....lots of cows.

 We passed a home that was selling quilts.

 Lots of quilts.

 Now for what I bought.  I stocked up on maple syrup.  I live in fear of running out of maple syrup and I don't even eat it.

 Now maple cream, on the other hand, I do eat.  It is wonderful spread on a piece of homemade bread.

 The Blog Tech and his father love maple sugar candy. And maple coated nuts.

 Yep...more brooms.  Another turkey tail broom.

 Halloween pillows. Click for a better look.

 These Halloween books are actually journals.

 A Thanksgiving pillow.

 And my favorites.....

 Fall signs!

 There are lots of things happening in my backyard this fall.

 And to placate The Blog Tech since I made him throw away his pulled pork parfait, I made him a pot roast parfait.

 I layered shredded pot roast with mashed potatoes.

 And topped it off with some BBQ sauce I made the other day.

 And added a 'cherry' tomato.

 He was very, very pleased.

They were actually killer good.  These would be so much fun to serve at a party.  Kids would love them too, even big kids!


Melissa said…
You came home with some wonderful goodies! :-) I would of never thought to make a meal parfait.. I bet everyone hear would love that idea.. I'll have to give them a try.. Have a wonderful day!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful brooms! They are hard to find here but There's a man coming to Falköping every autumn that sell brooms like those, not that beautiful though but close to :-)

Those cookies are a bit dangerous :-) The first one tastes ok, the second is rather wonderful and the tthird and till there's no one left are delicious :-)

Lots of nice quilts too, the red one especially.

The face on the tree runk is just fantastic!

Have a great day!
Patty Woodland said…
The Blog Tech does look very happy
Jeri Landers said…
That looks so much like the Shaker Woods Festival in Ohio, if not, they are twin festivals!
SMILE James would so love the pork parfait - he can't eat dairy so this he can and would love! What a very clever idea and I'm gonna steal it.

Love your signs and brooms - the fair looks like my kinda thing.

Love Leanne
Jan said…
I've had a wonderful time, too, Jaz...thanks to your beautiful photos! Loved it all :D

Thank you,
Craig said…
It looks like a fun day and SO popular judging by all those cars! Maple in any form is very good but I've never tried maple cream?
Your back yard looks brilliant!
Canadians live in fear of running out of maple syrup too.
Anonymous said…
the carved tree trunks are amazing, you brought home some lovely treasures and some more brroms for your broom cupboard!!You must have enough brooms for all of Hogwarts!I like the turkey tail brooms, they are a work of art! We go through a lot of Maple syrup, I use it in cooking and I use it in my tea ,and of course french toast and pancakes, baked beans, BBQ sauce, I suppose not as much now but the kids are gone, maple cream is wonderful on anything YUMMO!!!
LOVE the pillows and journals. Glad the Blog Tech got his pot roast parfait.
Nellie said…
What fun! I love the tree trunk! The pot roast parfait looks amazing!
Barb said…
Great treasures!! The blog tech is a really nice guy! Not many Sons would go to fall fairs with their Moms.
amazing goodies here, so wonderful to be able to catch up with your blog, lots of amazing things going on here as always : )! Ozlem
Guillaume said…
I'd love to read (and own!) the books.
Sharon said…
Hi there from Australia
I just stumbled onto your blog and love it, shall be following you. xx
Margaret said…
Love it all! I love the pillows and journals. Amazing craftsmanship on those carvings! Maggie
That Blog Tech is such a cutie! Handsome? Ok..he is very handsome!
It looks like he is really approving of his pot roast parfait!
Darn! I meant to comment on the brooms..AND that delicious looking Maple syrup! The brooms are wonderful!
Mary Ann said…
I love those pillows!
Great photos. So much fun. And pot roast parfait is truly inspired!
luckybunny said…
LOL love the blog tech eating his parfait! That tree is awesome! Would love to have one somewhere random in the forest for people to stumble upon ;) Great finds. Maple candy especially maple sugar is my most favorite thing in the world. Never tire of it.