Apple Pies and Street Food

 It's apple pie time and I made a couple yesterday to give away.

Most everyone likes apple pie.
 I used good tart apples and the pies smelled wonderful.

 I baked potato bread too and gave it all away to neighbors.  I've been neglecting them since I started cooking for the shelter.

I was so busy that we bought street food for dinner. We are very lucky to have food truck battles going on here so we can get very good street food.  This is a Korean mung bean cake, skewered chicken, fried rice and lo mein.

If you requested the recipe for yesterday's cheeseburger pasta, shoot me an email and I will send it to you.

I can't believe another weekend is here already.  We are hoping to visit some Fall festivals so hopefully I will have some good pics!


Would love a plate of your street food.
Sunnybrook Farm said…
We don't have street vendors, there was one but they harassed him and put so many obstacles in the process of where he could go fees, etc. that I haven't heard of it lately. The restaurants were behind stopping vendors or trucks but people can't afford the expensive restaurants.
My Rare One has been making rhubarb pies and crisps lately -- yum! She makes good apple pies too.
Anonymous said…
I would love the pie, apple pie is my all time fav and I make it often, WE really like the street food truck battles on the Food net work, thats a great show, you are so lucky to have them close, looks like some petty good food comes out of those trucks, have you watched the show?
Guillaume said…
I am not really fond of apple pies, in fact I never crave them, but for some reason yours I always think they look delicious.
Barb said…
How I would love to be your neighbor!! Looking froward to the fall festival pics!
Nellie said…
Apple pie is my husband's favorite! Your neighbors are very lucky!
Your street food looks yummy. But that apple pie I can smell baking.
Craig said…
You can't beat a good apple pie and yours looks delicious!
I think I'll buy a house in your neighbourhood given the perks that such a purchase would bring!
Anonymous said…
No good street food places here unfortunately, well we have thet place close to my job but I hesitate to go there, it's nickname sort of stops me. It's called the dirty cloth :-) :-)

Thos apple pies looks so yummy! Tart apples are best for pies but I don't have any close to where I live and it's impossible to find any in the stores.

Have a great day!
I wanted a bite of that apple pie so darned bad that I nearly cried!!
I did! I did! :):)
You say your "busy?" Well, I can believe THAT! LOL
big hugs,
Anonymous said…
That looks wonderful. I have to try a real American apple pie.
I'm sure your neighbours were very happy with the bread
The street food looks very delicious.
Have a great day.
luckybunny said…
As always, when I look at your blog, I want something, and now it's pie! I'm totally drooling over that pie :)