Back to the Fair

 It's always a happy day when I find my first pumpkins of the year.

 My daughter came home for a visit so The Blog Tech and I took her back to the fair.

 She couldn't believe how cute the entire festival was and how they laid it out like a little village.

 The shops were just opening when we arrived.

 We found some more carved tree trunks.

 This would be such a fun project to do with an old trunk.  I got rid of all of my chisels just last year.


 My daughter ate some of the homemade potato chips with malt vinegar.

 We tried the halushki too.

 The Blog Tech got his BBQ'd pulled pork parfait and I let him eat the whole thing this time.

 He loves his parfait!
 We were talking about the halushki not being very good.

 He thought that the women that sold it to us heard him so he gobbled it with a smile on his face.

 I bought the basket I wanted last weekend.

 And another one too.  This one is called a Cape Codder.

 They have wooden bottoms and the workmanship is very high quality.

 The big basket is called a cottoner and is meant to hold textiles. I will put my wool in it.

 I just love baskets.

 These are very sturdy and will wear well.

 My new witch.

 She is pinching a spider to drop in her cauldron.

She has a nice face too.


Patty Woodland said…
I am making halushki for dinner tonight as I have leftover noodles from my eggplant lasagna and the cabbage harvest came in.

I'm going to add bacon though....mmmmm bacon.

Next week will be a pierogi making week for me when my sauerkraut is done.
Well, if the Blog Tech was able to eat that stinky vegetable whose name I can't remember, eating bad halushki with a smile on his face must have been easy!
Those baskets are beautiful and your Blogtech is one real cute guy ,too...
Anonymous said…
Nice baskets! I haven't seen one with a wooden bottom before but I like it and I do like that witch :-) Every time I see a wich I start thinking of easter :-)

Have a great day!
Debby said…
Where is this fair. Will you be going to the CL Fair in Columbus. I can't wait for it to be time.
I love your new witch. Love how she is pinching the spider.
The pumpkins make me wish for fall. It's my favorite time of the year for sure.
capecodgirl565 said…
I would love to know the location of this fair!
Anonymous said…
that was nice for your daughter to share the Fair with you two, glad you got your basket, I remember you said you wished you had bought one, the blog tech looks most happy when he;s eating, even not so good Fair food! What a kind fella, the quilts are beautiful aren't they, so much work, where will the new witch go?I haven't saw any pumpkins around these parts for sale yet, but Fall is well and truly in the air, the geese are flying past daily,
Guillaume said…
Pumpkins and Halloween things already? Niiiice! I bought a small haunted house yesterday, one that can turn in a lantern, with jack o's and ghosts and skulls and so on. But the witch you found is a real treasure.
So happy you all had fun. It is good to get away for awhile.

Wishing you a good week.
GREAT finds. Smiling cause the Blog Tech got his parfait again. And you let him eat it.
Dee said…
Those baskets are wonderful!
Dog Trot Farm said…
Wonderful baskets Joyce, but the witch takes the her. I am so happy that Fall is just around the corner!!!
Velva said…
What a great way to spend the day! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Willow said…
My kind of place. Love your new Witch.
Birgit said…
Oh yes, I am also happy when I see the first pumpkins being sold. I saw my first ones last Saturday! :)

The fair is my kind of place. Makes me wish I could hop on the next plane...

Thanks for sharing these photos -- love them!
What a wonderful fair! Looks like fall already in your neck of the woods :) How exciting!
Mary Ann said…
Love your new witch, and am looking up halushki right now! Live in a very ethnic area and can't believe I don't know about it!
luckybunny said…
Blog tech is hilarious. Love the basket, always wanted to learn how to make them. Those chips sure look delicious!!