Baked Ziti for the Shelter

I made bolognese sauce with my tomatoes and peppers and decided to make a load of baked ziti for the shelter.
 I boiled 20 pounds of dry penne for this.  I went through ten large containers of ricotta cheese.

 I used all of my biggest bowls.

 A huge pot of sauce.

 These were so heavy I had trouble lifting them.

 A couple of the guys walked out to my car with me when I was leaving the shelter.  They thanked me for the food.  They asked me if I noticed what the cook was making them for lunch?  I sure did.  Ugh!  Someone gave them dried out cooked ground meat.  I swear, it looked like it had been sitting out somewhere for a week.  The cook had dumped ketchup all over it and was mixing it with brown sugar.  He was attempting to make 'sloppy joes'.  They looked awful. This is why I can't stop cooking for the shelter.

The Blog Tech and I are off to our second Fall festival today so I will have lots of photos tomorrow.


Laurie said…
oh Joyce, you are doing such an amazing thing, those men at the shelter are so lucky.I can't wait to see the photos of the Fair, have fun!
Perhaps something I should make for dinnerat work this week? Looks yummy!

It's strange that some people think that only because you live or perhaps only eat at a shelter they can donate anything. I'm glad that there are people like You that makes sure these people get good food!

Have a great day!
You do such a wonderful job cooking for the shelter Joyce, every recipe looks so tempting!
Those people are so lucky to have you cook for them. Your food always looks fantastic. Have a good week Diane
Patty Woodland said…
It's hard for shelters trying to do the best they can with what they have to work with which is why you are an angel for them
Scrumptious Joyce and a little goes a long way, they get their carbs and protein and to think you even made the Bolognese!
That ziti looks way better than sloppy joes.
Craig said…
Wonderful work Jaz. I'm very impressed at your ability to cook such large portions. I wouldn't know where to start.
Barb said…
Can't wait to see more fall festival photos!
Nellie said…
What a blessing you are for those at the shelter!

Enjoy the festival today!
oh do enjoy your Fall festivals.

the baked ziti looks yummy. some people have never had good food, or anyone who cares. good job!!!
It's so bad that people somehow feel justified in using the poor as a dumping ground for old or expired food. They often have that problem at food banks too -- people clean out their cupboards of stuff past the expiry date and then just donate it to the food bank.
Yes, yes, it all looks fantastic..
What a lot of work and trouble to you go to so that those less fortunate can have at least one good meal a day..but..
those kitchen counters are really what caught my eye and made me want to see more.. :) Yes, sometimes I can easily be sidetracked from food. Hard to believe, isn't it?
Big hugs!
P.S. Can they get away with donating food that may be on the edge of being...bad? I hope someone is overseeing the operation. I imagine the folks that work there are all volunteers.
I just hope they are careful what they serve to those men.
Mary Ann said…
Wish you would message me privately about your cooking for the shelter... I have some questions...., thanks!