Buying Locally

These first two items were not bought locally though I got them on etsy so at least I am supporting small business.
You just have to love etsy.  You can get anything you want there.  These are from the artist that made my Octoberfarm signs from a while back.  I asked her if she could make me some metal witches and she sure came through.  Click for a better look.
 I have decided to start buying as much of our food as possible from local farmers.  There are lots of farms producing grass fed beef and that is what I will be buying from now on.  We are lucky enough to have lots of smokehouses not far from us and I am buying from them as well.  I found this guanciale and smoked fat at one.


 Local bacon.

 One shop makes their own prosciutto and it is the best I have ever had.  And it is only 17.99 per pound.  They slice it so thin that it practically melts on your tongue.

 More local bacon, smoked summer sausage, smoked salmon and ham.

 Local honey and maple syrup.  The cutting board is on sale at Michael's right now. Not quite a local purchase!

 Grass fed t-bones, ground beef and sage beef sausage.  This is from a guy that raises grass fed Texas Longhorns.

 Lots of vegetables to make a huge tian for the shelter.

 And always my favorite, local free range eggs!


Anonymous said…
Wonderful produce. We don't have smoke houses here, but we have local butchers that have their own cattle, grass fed, which is usual here in The Netherlands ; )
The honey and mapel syrup look wonderful too. We haven't got local bee keepers that sell honey unfortunately. It seems to be great for allergies.
Love the board with the owl.
Have a great day.
Jan said…
Hi, Jaz! Fantastic witches!!! I also love that owl cutting board!

I haven't had much of an appetite since my surgery last Friday, but seeing all of the delicious food that you posted made me hungry :}

Love my visits here...Jan
GOTHAM239 said…
Hi! I so love coming to your blog! Takes me away from reality and makes me appreciate my own collection of Witchery!

I'm hungry just viewing your latest bounty.
Love the owl cutting board! Time to replace my Ouija cutting board for perhaps this owl....well, you can never have too many cutting boards......always a pleasure visiting, and inspiring me with your beautiful home!

Anonymous said…
sounds wonderful, and looks amazing, we have a market just down the street that sells all local meat and eggs, produce, honey and syrup, we are truly spoiled!There is far superior taste thats for sure, the fish are brought in daily, prices are a bit higher but worth it, Your purchases are amazing, some quite exotic to me!
Patty Woodland said…
Our local butcher makes the best bacon in the world. And it's actually cheaper than the stuff in the store!
Yes, that prosciutto looks positively diaphanous! Love those new witches too.
LOVE your witches and of course the black cats.

Buying local I'm totally all for. People have a chance to change the supermarkets by voting with their purse.
Love Leanne
Guillaume said…
Love the witches and the cutting board. I also try to buy locally whenever I can.
Craig said…
Nothing better than local produce if you can get it. The steaks sound excellent. Heck, it all looks and sounds great!
Barb said…
Love your new witch!! I agree. My DD and I go to our local farmer's market each Sat. Things are a bit more money but taste so good. We have a wonderful local grocery store that tries very hard to support local farms. Again, a bit more money but worth it.
LOVE the witches. VERY nice addition to your yard.
Suzanne said…
I love going to my tiny farmers market and buying local goods....sadly I have missed the last few weeks due to being out of town.
Hi Joyce,
Unfortunately we don't have many places to buy local produce, meats etc. We would have to travel some distance as we don't live in farm country. The best we can do here is grow our own. I especially loved the eggs...
How wonderful it would be to find such foods locally.

The witches are GREAT! I am looking for some at this time..but so far haven't found what I am looking for. Both of yours are charming!
(I would LOVE to find one for our roof..though I might be run out of this neighborhood on a rail!)
Where's my nerve??? :)
good for you.

i plan to do as much as possible too. we are headed tomorrow to Maggie Valley.

the witches are spectacular!
Rue said…
I love buying local - it makes me so happy to know I'm eating things grown/raised on our valley's land.

I have a bit of a hard time buying local beef that is grass raised. We have local feed-lot beef (no hormones,etc.) but I have to go about 3 hours north to find grass-fed. I think I'll take the trip this fall though and stock up for the winter.

LOVE the witches!
luckybunny said…
Great stuff and I agree buying local is very important. :)