Chicken Nachos with Homemade Salsa

I made chicken nachos yesterday for my guys to eat while they watched baseball.  I made homemade salsa earlier in the day with The Blog Tech and that was when I got the idea for the nachos.
 Fresh salsa is a snap to make.

 We grilled the tomatoes and peppers first to give it a nice smokey flavor.

 Lots of salsa in a short period of time.

 For the nachos, I browned some ground chicken and seasoned it with S&P, cumin, coriander, garlic and a bit of chili powder.  Then I put down a layer of chips, sprinkled grated colby jack cheese over them and topped them with some of the chicken.  I sprinkled some diced vidalia onions over the top.

 The I added another layer of chips, more chicken, cheese and onions and some sliced black and green olives.

I baked it at 375 degrees for about 25 minutes until all of the cheese had melted.  I sprinkled fresh chopped cilantro on top and served it to the guys with a bowl of salsa. The food was good but we lost the game.


Everyone's a winner who gets to eat your delicious food!
Melissa said…
Yummy!!! Those look so good! And I just love homemade salsa!!
Anonymous said…
That looks soo nice!
No energy left to cook anything today though.

Have a great day!
jill said…
With all the spicy things you and your family love I'm suprised you did not layer on some jalapeno nocho slices!
How old are the boys? I have a 15 yr old who plays baseball- pitcher and some 1st base.
Love reading your blog. Would like to know more about you!
Patty Woodland said…
Sorry you lost the game but they look decadent
Anonymous said…
oh wow, thats yummy, I like the roasted peppers and tomatoes added to the salsa, sounds wonderful!!
Sunnybrook Farm said…
I ate lunch before looking at your blog today so now I am not starving after seeing the wonderful food.
Guillaume said…
Funny, for me chicken goes with fajitas and nachos with beef, I don't think about mixing them.
Everything looks scrumptious. Sorry you lost the game.
Barb said…
That looks so good!
Mary Ann said…
I make them pretty much the same way, only no cilantro, and only one layer... and we don't make NEAR as much as you! (laugh) Only two of us here!
Oh who cares! As far as I am concerned you WON! That food was a winner, without a doubt. Go ahead..just ask the guys! :)
Craig said…
Yes those nachos look really super, and home made salsa would have been the prefect partner for them.
These look delicious! I love to make homemade salsa and can it for winter.
Nellie said…
An exceptional treat for watching the game!
Drool... YOU are amazing. :-)