Crafts and Antiques at Zoar

 There were not as many exhibitors at Zoar this year.  I guess it is the economy.  I was hoping to see some of my favorite vendors from the past but many were not there.

 So true.

 Fields of corn surrounded the event.

 A long line formed, waiting to enter the antique tent.

 The prices were high.

 I heard someone say that the antique tent opens to vendors before the general public is permitted to enter.

 The vendors actually buy from each other.

 Then they mark up merchandise to sell to the public.  Sort of stupid I think.  The yellow ware biscuit jar on the second shelf was priced at 450.00.  Good luck selling that.

 I am spoiled by ebay I guess.  I am not paying antique show prices for items any longer.

 I wanted this wagon in the worst way!  but at 2400.00, no way!

 This was the only Halloween I saw.

 After the antique tent, we strolled through the town.

 Beautiful perennial gardens everywhere.

 This is the entrance to the community garden.

 Click for a closer look.


Tomorrow I will show you the treasures I came home with.


Half the fun is just in looking anyway, not in buying.
Suzanne said…
Wow.......they really do mark up the prices! I am with you on buying off ebay......and thrift stores.
Sunnybrook Farm said…
I don't pay antique store prices anymore for tools unless I first check ebay. You can at least get an idea of how rare something is and then make a choice. I used to think scythes were rare but there are probably millions of them around the country so I don't pay much over $20 for a good usable one.
Anonymous said…
I think they at least should try to adapt to the economy but they rarely do I'm afraid. I do like that little carriage but that price is just rediculus, I'm pretty sure You could find a similar to a much lesser price at Ebay.

I like that town but I can't say I like goats :-)

Have a great day!
Nellie said…
It looks like a very nice festival, but I agree with you on pricing. There are simply some prices I absolutely will not pay!
Tournesol said…
I'm suprized they wouldn't have more Halloween, they must not have heard you were coming ; ) seriously though, the stores are already gearing up for Halloween out here on the west coast, I can't say I mind at all! More time to look !
Ellen in Oregon said…
I guess the Zoar antique sellers ignore the fact that artwork & antiques are usually the 1st items that people sell or pawn in a slow economy. At day's end, they must have to haul home much of what they brought in that morning. I'd rather go home with a pocket full of cash from selling at a reasonable price - much easier on the back too.
In addition to US eBay, I enjoy looking at the amazing variety of antiques on the UK eBay. I am drawn in by the beautiful antique Irish linens, decorative hardware & transferware. Mostly I look, but A girl can dream can't she.
Anonymous said…
I agree with Debra, and this is a great place for window shopping!
petoskystone said…
Wow! Those are some mark-ups. Pretty little goats.
Debby said…
We have an antique fair one week-end in the fall. They always plan it on Denison University Parents Week-end. The prices are really ridiculous. I guess they think the parents will pay those prices. They don't come to buy antiques. I love that wagon as well. But, wow. Can't wait to see what you bought.
Guillaume said…
I would have bought the jack o's I think. It looked like an atmospheric place, with the corn fields in the background. Corn fields can be quite spooky.
Barb said…
I thought the antique prices would come down due to the general economy.Looks like I was wrong! I did love the garden photos!
Jan (JFM) said…
Wonderful photos, Jaz!!! But some of those prices were crazy, like on that adorable wagon :}

John'aLee said…
Oh my that looks like just my cup of tea! But wow...those prices!? Unreal! Love the goats. I still want my goat farm some day.
Thanks for sharing girlie!
Craig said…
As you say, good luck selling with those prices!
It looks like a nice village - the gardens are beautiful.
Mary Ann said…
The gardens were beautiful, but you're right... too high a price for the antiques. I went to an estate sale last Friday... things were marked "sold" just after 8 AM, and someone told me "dealers" were allowed in first.
Anonymous said…
Did you snatch up those Halloween buckets?
luckybunny said…
GOATIES! :) Love the pictures, what a fantastic place. And it's true, pie does fix everything :) I want every single one of those crocks!