Teddy's Umbrella and Peach Pancakes

 It rained yesterday morning.

 And Teddy laid on the patio all morning under her umbrella.

 The question is, does Teddy even know that she has an umbrella?  Chows can not look up in the air, their necks are too big.  I think Teddy just thinks there is a permanent dry spot on the stone.  Tail down.

 The Blog Tech just walked by and look at her tail.  She did not budge an inch but the tail was wagging!  Tail up.

 Down puppy.  The rain eventually lulled her to sleep.

I bought some really good local peaches yesterday and made peach pancakes for the fam.  Use any pancake recipe you like and saute' thin slices of peaches in a bit of butter.  Pour the batter over the peaches.  Cook until the batter bubbles and flip over.  Serve with maple syrup.


Willow said…
Oh I miss having a chow every time I see Teddy. Years ago I had s black chow named Frizzbee.
diamondc said…
Teddy: How lucky you are to have an umbrella, and enjoy the rain, tell mommy the pancakes look yummy and I will be right over.
Suzanne said…
The kicked back back leg thing kills me!

Tell Teddy that Bella says "hello".
Anonymous said…
I think she believes that higher powers understands her need for a dry spot :-)

Peach pancakes sounds delicious! Must try that some day, I'm in pancake mood since long :-)
I'm making a mixed berry cobbler right now, I think I deserv that after this morning :-)

Have a great day!
Sunnybrook Farm said…
I often wonder how animals think, I mean we hear words when we think and animals have no language. Maybe feelings and visual memories or something.
HappyCrone said…
I think I would have used a peach syrup/honey blend on those lovely pancakes!!
Jan (JFM) said…
Teddy sure is contented in her little dry spot :}

Wow! I just have to try those peach pancakes!!!
Debby said…
That Teddy has the life. He loves you as much as you love him.
Craig said…
Teddy is adorable. I'm missing our Boris so much... it's nice to see a loved pooch.
I've never thought of peach pancakes - yum, we will try.
Clive makes delicious ricotta and lemon pancakes if I've been good... very delicious too.
Anonymous said…
I have learned so much about chows from your blog,
these pan cakes are heavenly!!!!
Guillaume said…
Interesting pancake.
That dry spot speaks to Teddy. I could use an umbrella here, it's been raining all day.
Barb said…
I got great peaches last week at our farmer's market. We are going to try this. I do almost all of the cooking but the DH is the pancake maker in the family. He loves this idea.
Teddy's behavior is so much like Mele's! The tail..looks just like Mel's and acts the same too. I get alarmed if it is hanging down..unless she is resting.
No rain to watch out there. :(
However..it has been cooler and just beautiful!
What is great is that I can come here and get my Fall inspiration.
I am already on the alert for my one item that I am allowing myself for Halloween. I usually find a handmade witch..but no luck so far.
I start to breath again in September..my time of year.

I also set out the Fall candy and my grown kids, like yours, just love it. All of us are Fall people except my youngest. She is definitely Summer. Hmmm..wonder how that happened?? :)Gorgeous candy display! I love it!!
I want a witch weather vane, but when I mentioned it to PH he paled!
Silly Minister. LOL It's not him..it's his DIL..oh well. I may do it anyway!!
It's a dogs life isn't it. To be so relaxed and enjoying the rain is a great way to spend the day. The peach pancakes look scrumptious.