The Witch and The Pumpkin Brigade

 Tomorrow is September 1st and it is official Fall decorating time.  I asked the old witch to assemble her minions and help me out.

 This year I've decided to decorate my back yard with all of my blow molds.  I've bought each of these blow molds (except the witch) at thrift stores and have not paid more than 4.99 each.  Most cost 2.99.  Teddy is very suspicious of this group.

 Time to clean up the potting bench and transform it for Fall.

 The Fall Flowering Clematis is just beginning to bloom.

 My okra is still producing.

 The Oakleaf Hydrangeas have turned brown.  A sure sign that Fall is close.

 The dogwoods are dropping their seeds.

 The pool will be closed next week.

 And it is official, my neighbor definitely killed my Silver Maple.  It has to come out next spring.

 I bought some printed burlap and I am making pillows for the front porch.

And a witch, black cats, cauldrons and pumpkins are out. Let the games begin!


Anonymous said…
Too bad about that silver maple! He must have removed way too many roots.

I can't have any things standing in my garden, Sune and Nova wouldn't stop in time when they are chasing each other and the two old ones wouldn't care, if they want to pass even if it's impossible they would just keep on trying until everything were broken :-)

Have a great day!
How exciting! My favourite time of year..
Michelle said…
Fall is my favorite time of year and I enjoy Halloween the most. I adore your potting bench.
Huzzah! Your favourite season is at hand!
i've been thinking about you. halloween is even at the gate. looking forward to all your halloween goodies.
Nellie said…
'Tis true! The season is upon us! Enjoy!
Barb said…
I always look forward to seeing your fall decorating!!
Jeannine520 said…
Living in CA, I'm envious. Fall is my favorite time of year and I'm a nut over Halloween but we really don't have a fall here. Our summers in No CA are unreliable, mostly cool, sometimes rainy. We are just now getting to summer over here and our tomatoes are just now starting to ripen. We start fall mid November, barely and then go straight into cold rain.
I'm so excited. I LOVE autumn too.
Guillaume said…
I really love your decorations! Here it is September since 15 minutes ago. Happy Halloween countdown!
Willow said…
Gearing up for your favorite season ...hear the excitement in your words :)
chickpea678 said…
I've been seeing fall flowering clematis everywhere since my neighbor pointed it out to me in their garden. Beautiful!
Margaret said…
I have that witch and she is my very most favorite! I put her in the corner of my dining area every year and just love her! Maggie
Joy said…
Your house is always so festive! I've started seeing mums and pumpkins at the markets here so may have to do a lil decorating too.
Happy first day of September!! Starting my Fall decorating too..slowly but little by little, the games are beginning here too!
I cannot tell you the adorable tea set I am watching... I am looking down the road to Fall..but for me, September is when I begin to see our season on it's way.. Isn't it great??
Anonymous said…
Your decorations are wonderful !!
I'm so sorry to hear about your maple tree.
Have a magical day.
Mary Ann said…
I'm dragging the fall stuff out of the storage shed tomorrow, after the hubs goes off to the office. Love the windowsill!
luckybunny said…
Lots of goodies!! and yay to still producing Okra!