Tian Time

My neighbors must be feeling deprived. I never cook for them anymore.  I am too busy cooking for the shelter.  Yesterday I made them a huge tian.
 I sliced up lots of my tomatoes, salted them and them them dry a bit on paper towels.

 I sliced eggplants and zucchini and sauteed lots of green peppers and onions with some fresh herbs from the garden.

 It was all layered and topped with gruyere cheese.

I topped it with kalamata olives and parmesan cheese and baked it for an hour.

 The cleanup crew did a great job.

 Grated cheese was cleaned out of every nook and cranny.

Teddy takes her job seriously!


Jan said…
Looks delicious, Jaz! Those lucky guys in the shelter get great home cooking because of you...and I love your clean-up crew :}

I'm so hungry and this didn't make it better :-)

Thank god for our clean up crews :-)

Have a great day!
Laurie said…
oh my this is delicious, lucky ducky friends! I wish I had that clean up crew!!!!
Sunnybrook Farm said…
Darn, I forgot and looked at your blog before lunch, now I am ready to eat at 1030.
Margaret said…
That looks soooo good. And good job Teddy!
Craig said…
Teddy knows exactly the right place to be.
I'm so impressed that you can cook large dishes like that - it takes a certain skill. Well done!
It looks delicious.
Patty Woodland said…
It looks like the clean up crew wanted more to clean up!
Debby said…
You are such an angel to the homeless shelter.
Love your clean up person.
Willow said…
Good food and an accurate housekeeper ... who could ask for more !
Barb said…
Looks great! I need to get lunch so that makes me very hungry. You have such an adorable helper to clean up!!!
Guillaume said…
Gosh I love meals with olives.
Nellie said…
Top-notch clean-up crew! Just like the dish that went to the shelter!
TEDDY is a great member of the kitchen staff.
Eilis said…
It looks like Teddy had a field day ; )
The tian looks very yummy !!
Have a magical day.
Like Mom, like Teddy! Both take their jobs seriously. It looks and sound wonderful. Lucky neighbors to have you!
luckybunny said…
Cleaning floors is a very, very, important job indeed! Such an adorable cleaner too. Love this dish.
whynotgrl67 said…
Do you ever find they come out too moist or soupy? What am I doing wrong?