Tupelo Honey

I bought some of my favorite honey yesterday.  Tupelo honey! Tupelo honey comes from honeybees collecting nectar from blossoms of the White Ogeechee Tupelo (Nyssa Ogeche) trees which grow in remote areas of Florida and Georgia.
So I made some potato bread for toast this morning.               

 I had some good music to go with it too.  Click to play!

 I bought this silver skull too.

 And a new sign for the kitchen. Click to enlarge.

 It goes so well with my bats.

 Short post today because I am busy doing shelter cooking.  I made them cheeseburger pasta.

 It's sort of like homemade Hamburger Helper!

 Look what happens when you don't form your bread loaves correctly.

You end up with a bread glove.


"It goes so well with my bats" -- now there's a sentence you don't hear everyday!
Nellie said…
Another tasty meal for the shelter - even with a bread glove!:-)
Sunnybrook Farm said…
Lucky you with that good honey!
I don't like hamburger helper after my mother fixed it about a thousand times. I think it is the seasoning they use. Home made pasta would probably be good as it just can't have there box taste.
Patty Woodland said…
You won't drop your bread when it has a big air bubble....heh

I love homemade hamburger helper. I don't know why..

Anonymous said…
I agree with Debra, lol,
Bird said…
Love Van Morrison. :D I have never heard of this before, nor the song! Go figure. I would love to try some. Lovely that you do shelter cooking. What a wonderful way to give of yourself. Love your bread glove. I would love bread gloves, though I think I might lose them in a frenzy butter and jam, shoving them into my mouth!

Bright blessings,
Van Morrison, love him.

Good food, good shopping, and most auspicious Tupelo Honey. Tupelo is my favorite too.

Happy day!
totally LOVE Van Morrison - what a wonderful way to start my day.

Oh your bat hanging from your door frame is totally awesome!

Love Leanne
Anonymous said…
It's amazing how different honey can taste. Over here the most popular comes from bees getting it from heather. I have three favorites and all came from You :-) Tupelo, buckwheat and tulip poplar, so different but still just as delicious.

Nice sign and as Debbie said, that's not a sentence one hears every day :-)

Have a great day!
That pasta looks good, I make something like it myself with egg-noodles, chorizo, yogurt, and cilantro. Um-yum.
chickpea678 said…
Haha, like that bread glove!
luckybunny said…
Love the skull! The loaves of bread cracked me up, that's so funny!
The peeps could fill the void with hamburger happiness!xxx
lynney62 said…
Hi! I read your blog everyday and love all your recipes and cooking adventures. Could you possibly post the recipes for your "cheeseburger pasta"? This would be a great weeknight meal for my family....thank you :)
Guillaume said…
Cheeseburger pasta? Interesting mix.
Barb said…
Great purchases, the skull, the honey and the sign!!I bet the guys at the shelter will love the dinner. I think it qualifies as comfort food.
Your desk is so organized. LOVE the sign and the bats.
I heard those bread gloves were all the rage! LOL!!!

I've wanted to buy tupelo honey for ages and for some reason I never do - that's it, I'm on a quest this weekend!

Your shelter food looks delicious!

Looks like you're getting ready for the Fall and I'm kicking and screaming while trying to hold on to Summer! LOL!!!
Hi Joyce.. LOVE the skull and the bats! 105 here today and that was in the shade. A storm went by..constant thunder, strong winds which blew umbrella's over and knocked plants over.
I haven't heard of Tupelo honey, but I have now. :) Now I am going to be looking for it. It you say it's good, it's GOOD.

The shelter food looks great, as usual. Those men are going to remember you and that food for years to come.

Can you imagine anyone hanging onto Summer? :) I can't.
My Fall decorations are on their way out of hiding.
Craig said…
The sign is great - pumpkin pie is one of life's treasures. The hamburger pasta looks delicious!