Zucchini Corn Chowder and Autumn Settles In

I made a huge pot of zucchini corn chowder for the shelter this morning.  I used the corn and zucchini that I bought in Ohio and some frozen chicken stock I had made previously.  It's a very easy soup.  Just saute' some onions and celery in oil.  Add corn and diced zucchini.  Add chicken stock and S&P.  Add 1 bay leaf. I added some chicken demi glaze for a more intense flavor.  Towards the end of cooking, parboil some pasta shells and add them to the soup just before serving.
 The garden is looking spindly and winding down.

 Though the tomatillas are going gangbusters.

 I did not get much from my corn or sunflowers.

 The ferns are turning brown.

 Soon this view will be much more colorful!

 Teddy always waits for me to return from the garden.  The stones are cool!

 My morning harvest.  Homegrown celery is one of the best things I grow!


Isn't it a bit early to look for autumn signs yet :-) here everything have started to grow again after the heavy showers we got yesterday and on Saturday. No zucchini at all because my cats killed those plants :-) but I can pick some tomatoes every day now :-)

Have a great day!
Suzanne said…
I cant wait for autumn!
Laurie said…
I'm glad to see Autumn come, what will you do with all the tomatillas, how do you store them, questions questions, you must tire of my questions, lol
Sunnybrook Farm said…
I am getting more garden worked up to plant some fall greens soon. We are expecting rain so I put horse manure on it and will till it after the rain and try to plant next week.
Your chowder looks great even if it is still summer.
Patty Woodland said…
Summer is still in high gear here...
Nellie said…
We have never tried celery. I believe I will suggest this to my husband. There is no sign of "winding down" here.:-) The chowder sounds very hearty!
What a delicious sounding soup!!! I'll bet the guys are thrilled!!!

I'll have to try growing celery next year. Is it easy to grow?
Craig said…
Here in Scotland it's feeling a little autumnal in the morning. Next year I'm going to grow celery in our veggie plot.
The soup sounds excellent.
Barb said…
Things are looking a bit tired here too! We have had only one day of rain since June!!
Margaret said…
Sounds so delicious! I am already taking down the Fall boxes. I can't wait any longer. AUTUMN! AUTUMN!
celery is something I really struggle to grow. we sure are hanging out for a tomato. Has it started to cool down much over there yet?
Love Leanne
Guillaume said…
Autumn is still shy here, but I do have some confidence that it is going to come. Lovely pictures you uploaded, as usual.
luckybunny said…
One thing I do not miss at all, soup weather! I'll love this recipe, zucchini is my favorite.
I have never even thought of growing celery...I hope to have a little garden next year..and I will plant some celery..I WILL!!!