A Fall Bed

 With the cooler temperatures, it was time to switch from cotton to flannel.

 I decided to go with buffalo plaid this Fall. And striped flannel sheets.

 I love nothing better than having a big comfy nest to crawl into.

 This used to hang in The Blog Techs room when he was a little boy.  Click to enlarge.

Now it hangs above this painting of Teddy. 


Love the painting of Mona Teddy.
Nellie said…
That is a very welcoming bed!
Patty Woodland said…
Looks very warm and inviting. I'm pulling down my blankets and putting the quilt back on today.
Anonymous said…
I haven't put the thick blanket on my bed yet but I really should since it was only 24,8F here this morning.

Beautiful painting of Teddy! I have the two framed photographs of her standing on my linnen cabinet looking out towards my livingroom :-)
We love our doggies sooo much! That is a wonderful painting of Teddy.
Your bedroom looks sooo cozy. Maybe I should change mine out to FALL...never thought of that. :)
Oops! I forgot to mention the little poem that was on the Blog Tech's wall when he was small..:)
One day it may well hang in his own little boys room... yep..just just might happen! :)
Anonymous said…
This buffalo plaid bed is totally da bomb! Love it and how warm would that be when our winter winds howl and blow. I LIKE IT!
Guillaume said…
Now THAT'S what I call a bed. I long for a comfortable one like this.
Barb said…
You have a warm cozy home.
chickpea678 said…
What a cozy retreat of a bed! And I love the framed poem.
luckybunny said…
I love your bed/blankets, looks so cozy!! I love that poem but also that painting of Teddy!!