Country Living Fair Part 2

 I took more photos of the fair than I realized so I will post more for those of you that like seeing them. This booth carries some really cute and unique items.

 Click to enlarge for a closer look.

 I love these velvet pumpkins.

 What a great use for a vintage airstream trailer.

 Ghost gourds hanging in a tree.

 One area of the fair.

 I love this woman's pottery.

 These pumpkins are finished on both sides so you can hang them in a window and enjoy them from the inside and outside.

 Redware....and I managed to leave without buying any.

 This year, Fancy Flours had a booth at the show.

 They were doing demonstrations at the main tent.

 These straw pumpkins are very impressive.

More tomorrow.


Claudia Turgut said…
It all looks so autumnal where you are whereas we are still in summer! But it looks fun!
jody said…
Gosh, looks like you are in the fall mode! My favorite time too. Thanx for showing the country living show pictures! Fun to see! Enjoy your day!
jody said…
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Cottage Tails said…
SMILE looks like an awesome fair. Love some of the slogans on the tee shirts.
Love Leanne
I really like these photos so show all You have :-)

I like that airstream trailer! I've heard they have started making trailers that look just like that again, extra expensive of course :-)

Lots of thing I like there, the pottery and those signs are great!

Have a great day!
luckybunny said…
You are such a tease!! "more tomorrow..." LOL :) Really, really enjoying these pictures, makes me feel like I am out and visiting there too! Looks like such a fun place. I'm drinking pumpkin coffee today and eating pumpkin donuts!
Laurie said…
what a great selection to pick from, I love the pottery and the one pumpkin painting caught my eye,
Sure looks like Halloween Heaven!
Margaret said…
What a great day! I see lots of things I would want!
Love those two sided pumpkins and sunflowers.
Barb said…
The pottery booths are my favorites!
Sandy said…
Going to fairs like this will get me into trouble. Just so many things a person would love to buy to decorate their home with.
Patty Woodland said…
Looks like pumpkin heaven for you!
Michelle said…
I didn't make it to the CL Fair this year. Thanks for sharing the pics!
Guillaume said…
You remind me that I missed a market yesterday, but there's nothing as nice as what you pictured here.
It's a hoot visiting a Fair thousands of miles away and actually feel I'm visiting the booth. Only problem is..can't buy anything. But..then again..maybe that's a good thing.
LOVE going with you, Joyce! :)
Deb said…
I love these photos and can't get enough. We have a Country Living Fair here in London. Lovely things, but I miss the American stuff--all those pumpkins and light-hearted halloween-themed things. I would go mad and have to buy an extra suitcase to take it all back. Ours is in a huge exhibition hall in Christmas and Spring.
Nellie said…
Love those ghost gourds!