Fall Decorating II

Yesterday was another wonderful Fall day, breezy, cool and sunny.  I started to decorate my potting table.  Click on any photo for a closer look.
 See the green pumpkin on my little truck?  It is the one and only pumpkin I grew this year.  It sprung up out of my compost.  An accidental pumpkin!

 I built a fire in my fire pit.

 And I lit up all of my blow molds.

 Then I ran out and bought a bunch of mums.  I went to Lowes and found something interesting.  Their larger mums were 24.99 each.  However, their smallest mums were on sale for 88 cents, I guess they were having trouble keeping up with the watering.  I bought 24 of them for less than what one large one would have cost.  I planted a bunch of them in each planter and they will grow in and be even more colorful than if I purchased the big ones.   Now I need straw bales, cornstalks and pumpkins!


Sunnybrook Farm said…
The small plants are the best deal as you get to watch them grow. I expect to see you featured in a national magazine the way you are going!
Anonymous said…
you're up with the chickens these days!Looks beautiful and frugal too!I agree with Sunnybrook Farm, should be in a magazine,
Looking good. You're ready for the season, to be sure.
You've got a good eye for a bargain!
Jan said…
OMG!!! Can I move in??? Pretty please!!!

I love visiting here, Jaz :}

Nellie said…
Smart move buying the small mums at Lowe's!
Patty Woodland said…
Toast any marshmallows?
Cottage Tails said…
Total joy! I'd sure love to come in person and visit.
Love leanne
Anonymous said…
Tha accidental pumpkin, a good title for a book I think :-)

It turned towards warmer here again and I'm not complaining :-) But I can't remember that we ever have had it this warm in early September.

I love that vibrante orange color on those pumpkins!

I think I'll look for some mums tomorrow on my way home. The only problem is that they never last long when it is as warm as it is right now. I'll plant them later and hope that they might come back next year.

Have a great day!
Velva said…
I am giddy for fall to arrive.. Now, it is hot, hot, hot (sigh).

You did a great job decorating.

Margaret said…
You're an amazing cook AND an amazing decorator!
Guillaume said…
Oh I love the decorations! I never get bored watching those pictures, I just wish I had the right place to decorate like this.
Barb said…
I just love what you do with the garden bench! I especially love it in the fall.
Rue said…
Yes, yes, yes! I was JUST thinking today - I wonder if Joyce has her potting table full of pumpkins yet - lol! Honestly, I'm needing a touch of that Fall feeling. It's been in the low 90's here and it's been raining, so the humidity is killing me. Thanks for the smile!
Hi Joyce! Still over a 100 here every day with no break at all. Over 106 for the past few days.
But..I won't be detered! :)

First I copied your Mother's oatmeal cookie recipe and will make those today.. The rest of my antic's have been written to you I think. My short term memory is shot..and it's upsetting. LOL

Anyway..OFF to Lowe's myself. Hot or no hot..MUM'S are going in that wagon! :)
Oh dear. A matter of coming into a room and then forgetting what I came for. I'm sorry! I wanted to compliment you on your potting bench decor. I am beginning to count your potting bench as my sign to leap into Fall, or? ... and to the troops be damned! ??? Wha'??? I think I'm losing it! :):) In other words, who cares if there are those that MUST wait until the actual date on the calendar!