Fall Decorating

The heat and humidity broke so I started decorating my front porch.  I have a lot more to do which involves pumpkins which are not yet available.  I'll post more once I find some.
 Last year I sort of just threw stuff up and each time the wind blew, decorations came down.  So, this year I attempted to secure everything.

 The secret to doing a door like this is layering.

 My porch looked like a floral bomb went off.  Most of these garlands were purchased at Michaels and were on sale for less than 2.00.

 Click for a closer look.  More to come.  I need to decorate the potting table too.

My helper.


DogsMom said…
Love your fall spirit and color.
My trouble is the same - unless WELL secured, each time there is a wind all my decorations get rearranged.
I'm sure the end result will be as spectacular as always!
Jan said…
Looking like autumn and gorgeous already, Jaz!!! You definitely have the "golden touch" :)

How nice of Teddy to guard the gate so that no one bothers your décor!!!

beautiful autumn colours! still the last days of balmy spring in England : ) ozlem
So happy for you. The Big Holiday season is here for you. Your Autumn and Halloween decor is fun for me too.

We decorated the inside of our house a couple weeks back. And yesterday I started on my blog. Love this time of year. Oh yeah :-)
Nellie said…
Looking good! Of course, you wouldn't have been able to make such progress without that helper!:-)
Barb said…
Thanks for the layering suggestion. I can't seem to get my front porch right. I will try your layering idea and head on over to Michaels. Some trees are just beginning to show a hint of color.
I just saw a big bin of pumpkins perfect for your porch. Too bad they are so far away. Decorations are lovely.
Patty Woodland said…
I can't wait to see it all done. You are my decorating hero
greekwitch said…
I love those lanterns! And the sunflower theme is just gorgeous! Last year i showed a couple of friends and my husband of your fall decorations. I was just so in love with them. This year they are even more whimsical!!
Jeannine520 said…
Beautiful, can't wait to see the finished product.
Guillaume said…
Oh I love the falls decorations. Here it does not feel like autumn yet, in fact late August was more autumnal, but the temperature will soon drop dramatically.
Anonymous said…
I want a helper just like yours!!!!
Is that a milk bottle door, the little door to the side of your door, or am I seeing things,
Sunnybrook Farm said…
You have a good start on fall and halloween. Don't buy candy too early as it disappears, I think it evaporates.
petoskystone said…
My, but Teddy looks extra fluffy today :)
Cottage Tails said…
ooh it looks soo pretty - here in New Zealand we don;t decorate houses - I'm thinking this is such a shame.

Jolly cold snap here today back into winter woolies - you and Teddy would love it.

Love Leanne
Mary Ann said…
Love the door, and love your helper, too!
"each time the wind blew, decorations came down"

I can relate. Perhaps the most important decorating lesson I've learned over the years is how to tie things down in the fall.
I can't wait to get started out front, but NO pumpkins anywhere here. Darn! However..I am going to dig out my FALL boxes in the early morning. YOu have inspired me!! It looks just gorgeous..and I know there is more to come. Can't wait for it to rain pumpkins on your steps... :):)