Cecelia ( ) made gnocchi the other day and it reminded me that I had not made it in quite some time so I whipped some up.
 It is sooooo easy to make if you've never made it before.  You need about 2 cups of mashed potatoes.  Use leftovers or make some. Add 1 egg to the potatoes.

Add about 1 C. of flour.

Mix it until you have a nice ball of dough.  Don't add any more flour than this or your gnocchi will be heavy and doughy.

I like to saute my gnocchi to brown them a bit so I rendered about 2 tablespoons of smoked pork fat but you could just use a bit of butter or oil.

Break off pieces of the dough and roll them into a long rope.

Cut the rope into 1 inch pieces. Place each piece on a gnocchi board and press down in the middle.  You can also do this on the tines of a fork.

Push the top edge over to the bottom edge to form a cylinder. The grooves help to hold your sauce.

I forgot the photo but drop the gnocchi into boiling salted water.  They will float to the surface when they are done.  Let them boil for about 1 more minute and remove them with a strainer.

After you've boiled them, cook over medium heat in a heavy skillet with whichever oil you choose to use.  You need very little oil.  I like to add pepper and salt at this point too.

Slice a small onion, some zucchini and sage.

The gnocchi should look like this.

Quickly saute the zucchini, onion and sage and mix it in with the gnocchi. 

Serve it sprinkled with parmesan cheese.


Patty Woodland said…
Funny but I had the worst gnocchi of my life in Rome
Anonymous said…
this is one of our favorite meals, the addition of zucchini is wonderful!
Anonymous said…
I like the things You bought atbthe fair! It's almost impossible to find any kind of thing with a pumpkin painted on it. The plaque is cool but the signs are even better!

I like gnocci but I have never made it myself. Perhaps time I actually did some this autumn.

Have a great day!
Jeri Landers said…
Potatoes, my weakness and butter yum, looks delicious! I love your house, it reminds me of the Legend Of Sleepy Hollow.
I didn't know gnocchi were boiled and then pan-fried! Reminds me of how Swiss spaetzle is made.
Nellie said…
Looks absolutely amazing!
luckybunny said…
Looks delicious! One of my favorite meals.
Guillaume said…
Ah gnocchi, Italian classic. I had authentic ones in Italy.
I LOVE gnocchi. That looks delicious.
Another wonderful thing (dish) I have missed out on in this life. Ah well...looks wonderful You have a way of making everything look easy. Do you have speciality stores close by that you can count on to have certain items you cook with? Some of the ingredients you mention are things I've never heard of. But then I am not a chef. (NOT by a long shot) I've already picked up a few things from you.
Example...made cupcakes tonight and frosted them with the cream cheese frosting you used on your Spanish bar cake. :) Delicious, but for some reason it took LOTS more powdered sugar than you posted. I think I could have used two full boxes..I sifted all of it, of course. When I had put in a box and a half I stopped and just frosted the cupcakes..added a slice of strawberry on top and it was delicious. The cupcakes were chocolate.
WOW!!!! The dish is awesome. Thanks foe shearing a good yummy post. Travesti