More Fall Decorating and Pumpkins

 I found pumpkins...big pumpkins!  They weigh over 40 lbs. each.  Click for a closer look.

 I still need more.

 These were so heavy that they flattened the tires on the wagon as I was pulling them to the checkout.

 I made new cushions for the front too.  I am not a sewer!  I broke 3 needles and did plenty of stitch tearing before I completed these.

 The basket holds extra flowers but I thought it looked nice enough that it became part of the decorations.

 The lanterns are filled with mini pumpkins.

 My helper took a nap.

 A few more pumpkins and the front will be finished.

This week we will be in the 90's....bummer!


Sunnybrook Farm said…
When I used do paintings, I would put a little blue near any orange and it would make the orange brighter. I don't know if this will work with pumpkins but you could experiment with it. You made me look at the calendar to see if it was October!
Anonymous said…
What else can I say than that it's so beautiful already now!

I fell in love with those wicker armchairs! I can't say I've seen any as beautiful as those over here.

Have a great day!
It looks beautiful! Those are some HUGE pumpkins! Will you be making any pumpkin soups, breads, or other treats for the shelter?

I'm back to work, not as much time lately! It's always that way when the new year kicks off!

Have a great week!
Autumn said…

Where abouts do you live? I am in texas and we are in the 100s here

your front porch is amazing. You cant really find much in the ways of front porches where I live... but someday i'll beg my husband to remodel and we'll have my dream porch that I too can adorn with harvest goodies.

Patty Woodland said…
Good heavens! They are the size of toddlers!

It looks lovely.
Melissa said…
Your porch is just beautiful!!! I would love to sit out on the chairs and enjoy all the pumpkins and flowers..

The temps here are in the 100's with no cool down in site, kinda puts a damper on my decorating.. But I just keep wishing for the cooler fall weather..

Have a wonderful day!!
Jan said…
Very beautiful, Jaz and it is inviting autumn to your doorstep and those who love the season~~~

Anonymous said…
GORGEOUS !!! This looks so wonderful. Such big pumpkins and beautiful flowers. I love it and I'm sure Teddy does too ; )
Have a magical day.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
what a beautiful sight, and your helper is laying down on the job, i hope you had help with those giant pumpkins!
LOVE it. Glad you found some pumpkins.
The front entrance is looking VERY inviting!
Cottage Tails said…
I'm loving your decorating. It's looking really fun!
Love Leanne
Sharon said…
That looks so fantastic, you do a lovely job of decorating
blissfulsally said…
Oh Lucky woman to find such huge pumpkins so early! I bought the only one at a local farm stand yesterday, and have just started the front fence decorations.

I enjoy your blog so much, and think that ALL the cooking you do for the homeless shelter folks is wonderful!
Happy almost Autumn!
Guillaume said…
Oh I LOVE the pumpkins and the decorations. Don't put the pumpkins outside for too long though: they could get eaten up by birds. Not completely of course, but I had one in Montreal that had chunks taken off her by hungry pigeons.
Your Halloween/Autumn decorations are lovely!

This is your season girlie, girl.

Rue said…
It looks SO great! After this one, fleeting cooler day, we are expecting ridiculous heat again. I guess I was a bit premature pulling out the fire bowl - but at least I got one good burn in before summer returns. *sigh*

Your neighbour sounds like a doozy. Ick. Don't you love the nosy ones? Grrr.
Barb said…
The porch is looking great!! We are in the 80's this week. Way too warm for Sept.
I ALWAYS enlarge your photo's. I KNEW you would find pumpkins! Those are magnificent!! I actually gasped when I saw the first photo enlarged...simply gorgeous! You outdid yourself and it should be on the cover of a magazine. *sigh* What a delight just to look at all of it!
Thanks for giving all of us such a visual treat, Joyce. I loved it!
luckybunny said…
Love it, love it, love it! I'm ready to come over and make myself comfortable in one of those chairs!