My Kitchenaide Mixer

 I've included some photos of my custom Kitchenaide mixer for those of you who didn't see it when I first posted it. 
But first, some Teddy photos. As you can see it poured the other day...not something that Teddy likes.

Normally she lays right between the pumpkins, they are her buddies.

She made sure she stayed back just far enough to not get her nose wet.

I bought my mixer last year and send it out to be customized.  Check out this site if you want to see the artists work:  She does some really fantastic pieces.

I gave her some specs and then she sent me some examples.

She did a wonderful job.

Well this is very random, an apple pie I made this morning for a friend of The Blog Tech.

So, here are some closeups.  Click to enlarge any of these for a closer look.

How would you customize your mixer?


Laurie said…
it really is a work of art, beautiful.
Your veranda is beautiful as well, very welcoming, Teddy looks beautiful lying between the pumpkins, I'm making butternut squash soup today, we have had disastrous flooding here, roads closed, schools closed, my love of storms is coming back to bite me in the butt, my mother always said it would!
dougssunrise said…
Absolutely beautiful!!

Teddy is very pretty too ;)
Melissa said…
Awww, Teddy is just adorable!! I love all of your posts on her :-)

I would never have thought to have my kitchen appliances customized, what a great idea! Your mixer is beautiful! I wonder if my coffee maker could be painted on?? It's always out on the counter :-)

That apple pie looks yummy! Have a wonderful day!!
Cottage Tails said…
Just beautiful!

Teddy is a lucky girl having a veranda to lie on and watch the rain without having to get wet - she's a clever gal.
Love Leanne
luckybunny said…
Your mixer is gorgeous, love it, and Teddy too and I was so happy to see pumpkins!! I'm starting to get pumpkin fever and I'm ready for them now :)
luckybunny said…
Your mixer is gorgeous, love it, and Teddy too and I was so happy to see pumpkins!! I'm starting to get pumpkin fever and I'm ready for them now :)
Joy said…
There totally should be a show called "Pimp my Kitchenaid!" ;-)
That mixer is awesome. So beautiful.
Sandy said…
I love how your mixer was personalized, it's gorgeous.

Give a scratch to Teddy for me :-)
Dog Trot Farm said…
Now that is one styling mixer!!! My Fall Mums are wilting in this heat and humidity...93 degrees in Maine today...Give Teddy a scratch for me.
Bird said…
I am having a severe case of mixer art envy. Wow. That is incredibly awesome. I will have to check around to see if anyone in my area does anything like that. It's awesome. I think you have a one of a kind there.
Bright blessings,Bird
Deborah said…
WOW! that is the most beautiful mixer ever. Just stunning.
Mary Ann said…
I have never seen anything like that! It is just gorgeous!
That mixer actually make my heart yearn! It is simple fantastic! Surely can cannot use it..I mean you wouldn't, would you? It has to be a part of your kitchen Fall decor!! The woman who does those is a wonder.
chickpea678 said…
How did you ever come up with the idea to customize a mixer?! That apple pie looks scrumptious!
How strange! I've missed this post!

It sure looks cool Your mixer, I guess mine would look more spring like and I guess I would like it to have some bog painted on it :-)

Teddy does have a perfect place there even when it's raining :-)

Have a great day!