Off to a Fair

 We took off early to go to another Fall fair.

 The trees are starting to change colors.

 Rain was forecast and we figured that would hold the crowds down.

 We were right.  There were very few people in attendance.

 It turned out to be another cute fair in a wooded area.

 You could have your silhouette done here.

 And you could pan for gems here.

 This artist was working on a piece as he was selling others.

 Native Americans selling their jewelry.

 Pumpkins and gourds for sale!

 And pony rides.

 It started to sprinkle.

 We moved quickly around the fair.

 The people that sell their wares at the fair, camp out in pup tents.

And they cook over open fires.  I will show more of the fair tomorrow.


Anonymous said…
I like how they make it look so old! To bad about the weather, at least for them. Perfect when there aren't that many people so one can walk around like one wants.

I watched Ironman and it's good but kind of slow for most parts of the movie. If You want lots of action there are better films to chose.

Have a great day!
These photos remind me of the craftspeoples area of the War of 1812 Re-enactment we went to earlier this summer. And I see the word "colonial" and some colonial looking costumes. Was it a historical kind of fair?
Patty Woodland said…
What a shame for the vendors
Nellie said…
Oh! This looks like such a nice fair! Too bad about the threat of rain keeping people away. There were a few outdoor events on the schedule around here, but we had a steady rainfall for much of the day, and we opted to stay home.
Anonymous said…
I really like that its nestled in the woods!
Still chuckling over Dr. Beef and Mr. jerky. looks like a delightful place.
Debby said…
Did you go to the Backwoods Fest. I know it was this week-end and it looks like it. I couldn't go but I love it there.
Barb said…
What a lovely place for a fall fair!
Guillaume said…
Where do you find all these fall fairs? Here there are plenty, but none of them are autumnal.
Sandy said…
I wish it didn't rain, this fair looks like fun. Everyone dress for history. Can't wait to hear more about the fair on your next post.
The other Fair seemed a bit more exciting. Is there lots we didn't see? I always have these "great expectations"... :)
I love seeing the oics from the fairs you go to.
Mary Ann said…
So many of the artisans make their livings from these fairs, so it's hard to see no one in attendence. This one looked neat!