Pumpkin French Toast with Maple Apple Sausage

Today we are having a glorious Fall morning with crisp temps in the low 40's and I see that Colorado has their first snow.  I made my family a good Fall breakfast.
 For the pumpkin French toast, crack 2 eggs into a large bowl.  Add 1/4 cup of milk.

 Add 1 tsp. of vanilla extract, 1/2 tsp. cinnamon, 1/4 tsp. nutmeg and 2 T. of brown sugar.  Whisk this together.

 Add 1/3 C. of pumpkin puree.

 Whisk until smooth.

 I used cinnamon bread which I baked the other day.  You can use any kind of bread you like.

 Dip the bread in the pumpkin mix for a minute or two.  Then place in a skillet with some melted butter and cook over medium heat until the toast begins to brown.

 This recipe makes about 8 pieces.

 This time of year, our local stores all offer their maple, apple sausages for sale.  Everyone has their own recipe. You can only get these for a few months but they are wonderful.  The are made with chunks of apple and local maple syrup.

Sorry for all the glare that is on my photos.  This is the culprit.  I have horrible lighting in my kitchen for photography.  I hope you are having good Fall weather if it is Fall where you live!


Anonymous said…
Belowq 27 here this morning and it has stayed Cold all day, so the fire has been burning most part oif the day here :-)

Looks delicious! Especially when I'm not allowed to eat until tomorrow afternoon :-) But I can never do this since we have no pumpkin puree over here and our sausages are anythuing but high quality, well I could Always buy some german or sausages from the Balkans, they sure knows how to makew sausages :-)

Have a great day!
Patty Woodland said…
We've had our first fires in the woodstove so it's cooling down here too.

BIG sausages. Wowzers!
Suzanne said…
You had me at pumpkin
Connie said…
I was visiting "Berries and More"
when I saw your comment . . . that is how I found your amazing blog.
Your recipes are outstanding.
My mouth is watering just looking at the photos. I'm so sorry that your fair day was so rainy . . . it is easy to see all the detail and love that went into each booth . . . and "then it rained" :(
I am your newest follower,
Anonymous said…
now thats a stick to your ribs breakfast or in my case stick to your hips!!! The sausage sound wonderful too, thats a beautiful light fixture, its worth the glare in my opinion!
luckybunny said…
So making this ASAP. Oh man, I'm drooooling. I love this!
Barb said…
Wonderful breakfast! We are hoping for a touch of snow in our mountains!
Sunnybrook Farm said…
That would be good at any time of the day! I can almost smell it.
OMG this sounds good. And so perfect for the season!
Sandy said…

I think you're going to have all of us Bloggers up at your house wanting to try all this delicious food.

Nice looking light by the way :-)
Guillaume said…
Gosh that's my kind of French toast! I need to try this.
Nellie said…
What luscious French toast!

Yes, we are having a taste of fall here. I'm loving it!
I'm now craving your breakfast. Sounds soooo GOOD.
I should never read your posts late at night..or rather early morning. I just went in and ate the last slice of cheese cake! I am SO weak when it comes to food. NO control..just so tasty looking.
Joyce...the sauce was made by my granddaughter in law..she is a lawyer and works long hours..but I can reach her very soon. The weekend is coming. I am as curious as you are about that sauce. I'll get back to you soon!
You're killing me here... that sounds SO delicious!