The Best Old Fashioned Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

 These are the cookies that were my favorite when I was a little girl.  This is my mother's recipe in her own handwriting.  I have been making them for my kids since they were little and these are their favorite cookies too.  As you can see, this is a much used recipe that is over 60 years old.  Click to read the recipe.

 I use 1/4 C. of butter and 1/4 C. of shortening rather than the 1/2 C of shortening they call for.

 Other than that, I change nothing.

 Start watching them at 10 minutes. They should just turn golden around the edges.

 They are a nice chewy oatmeal cookie.

I've tried other recipes over the years but I've always come back to these because they are simply the best.

We are heading out on another Fall adventure tomorrow so hopefully I will have something interesting to post when I return!


Jan said…
They look delicious and these cookies really are good for you, too :)
Laurie said…
beautiful cookies and an adventure! I'm going on an adventure tomorrow too, have a great weekend,
Guillaume said…
I love oatmeal raisin cookies, especially during cold autumn days, with tea.
Yum-Yum--I can almost smell the delicious goodness
Nellie said…
How special that you have a recipe written by your mother. I am not that fortunate, though I do have a cookbook she used.
Barb said…
I love to see those old recipes! I have several in my Mom's handwriting.
Oatmeal cookies are one of my most favourite cookies! And wow, that old recipe steeped in family tradition and love -- how precious an artifact for you to have!
I love oatmeal cookies! But people here hates raisins in anything so if I make any they must be without raisins unless I want them for myself only :-) I'll try this recipe the next time I'll make some!

Have a great day!
LOVE oatmeal raisin. A childhood favorite too.
Autumn said…
I just found your blog and LOVE it!

brightest blessings,
Farm Friendly said…
I love to make cookies with my kids. The older recipes in my books works the best for me. I love when you go on fall outings. Have fun and be safe!
luckybunny said…
Awww how sweet! That is a well loved recipe and these look so delicious, I've put them on my list of things to make once I'm back to baking :)