What I Bought at the Fair

 First I have to show you these.  Remember the pumpkin cheese snacks I showed you that I bought at Targets?  Look how cute they are when you stuff them with guacamole? A perfect Fall appetizer.

 I bought this cute pumpkin dish at the fair.

 And one of the two-sided pumpkin plaques.

 This is a big heavy piece.

 I got some of these pumpkin garden stakes.

 And this wonderful utensil holder.

 It has sunflowers and bittersweet trim.

 I hung the big plaque on my door for now, just under my hanging bat.

 Teddy guarding the mums.

 I got this sign too.  Only 43 more days.

 Someone was a bit sleepy early this morning.

 I got this rustic pumpkin sign.

 Which sort of fit in with the group.

 My little mums are filling in nicely.

 Teddy is totally annoyed that I am taking her photo.

 I put the utensil holder on my desk to hold my pens.

So, I didn't buy much, just a few things I couldn't pass up.


Patty Woodland said…
What?! YOU. YOU?! You bought pumpkins?!
I can't believe it!
GOTHAM239 said…
May I just say....I LOVE your Corner of Witchery! As one that have one myself....I again, curtesy before you! :)
You make my day! I'm awaiting my Salem Witch to arrive...Thank you, for the continuous inspiration. :)
Pottery purchases! Always a brilliant idea.xx
Sandy said…
Not much! You made our there girl, all kinds of pumpkin items.
Teddy is a little upset, she didn't get a pumpkin collar.
luckybunny said…
Ohhh I LOVE it!! All of it. Awesome finds.
Barb said…
Love the treasures from the fair. The thing with pumpkins I love using them all the time not just in the fall.
Of course! Guacamole is PERFECT!
Laurie said…
perfect October Farm things, beautiful,
Just LOVE that two sided pumpkin. Everything else too.
Guillaume said…
So many great things there.
Nellie said…
Really great purchases from the Fair! Love the appetizers!
Robin Larkspur said…
Can never have too many pumpkins!!
Jim said…
They all look so great! Good finds!
;0 I'm so proud. I at least guessed on thing correct. The sign with the number of days until Halloween.. Cute!! I love the pumpkin plaques!! Lovely! You found all of the best things there!
GOTHAM239 said…
Great finds! Absolutely! I LOVE your Bewitching Nook! Everyone should have a Magickal corner/nook.....I love mine! Can't wait for your next post! :)

Mary Ann said…
I have pumpkin envy!
I always love your fall decorations!!