A Christmas Fair

The fair we attended yesterday was a Christmas fair and the weather was perfect for it.  It was dark and gloomy and the coldest day of the Fall and it felt like it might snow.
 Christmas carols were being played and it put us in such a Christmas mood.

 All sorts of holiday items were on display.

 People were dressed for the occasion.

 Cute birdhouses.

 Tutus for sale.

 Walking sticks and Santas.

 I loved the signs for sale here.

 'When I was a kid I wanted to be older. This is not what I expected.'

 Click to enlarge.  I wanted to buy this for my kids.

 Strawberry lemonade!

 Baskets and grapevine Xmas trees.

 This booth had some really nice leaded glass for sale.

 A Christmas coat.


 Wooden fish.

 Apple fritters, apple cider donuts and hot apple cider to drink.  Heaven!


Anonymous said…
At first I thoughtb it was a bit early for a Christmas fair but I can see Christmas commercials in the papers now so why not :-)

I really like those bird houses and some of those signs are just perfect :-) :-)

Have a great day!
You go to the greatest fairs!
Patty Woodland said…
So cute and you were in apple heaven!
luckybunny said…
I want apple fritters!! Oh man! This looks like so, so, much fun. I love those ladies outfits! Lots of cool stuff, and I can't get over the donuts. I'm hungry now...
Sandy said…

I love these type of fairs, outside and just so relaxed.

The only thing we have coming up is call the Affair of the Heart and it's in Oklahoma City at the fair grounds indoors. It's usually so over crowded you can't even move around or enjoy yourself.
Guillaume said…
Lovely fair, but way too early for Christmas.
Anonymous said…
what a great fair, looks like a wonderful time, that is a great sign, I agree, strawberry lemonade sounds really good, like the setting, looks like its in the woods.
Barb said…
Looks like another fun fair. It is very cool and cloudy here today, not quite a snow feeling but I do have the fireplace going.
Bird said…
Christmas in fall. :D Love it. Still have to get myself together for Halloween though. lol Yep, sooner or later we do all quote our mothers, again and again and again.
Robin Larkspur said…
Beautiful setting for a fair. Love all the handcrafted items. Looks like a really fun time!
Sharon said…
Wow it looks fantastic, love the birdhouses
Anonymous said…
How do you find these amazing fairs and places? Such a lovely setting and wonderful vendors.
Hugs and Sparkles
Stew Adams said…
There are several places in Michigan where it is Christmas all year long. There's even a town in the U P that is named Christmas.
And I am fortunate enough to live amongst dozens of apple orchards. This place smells amazing in the spring.
But your festival seems to outshine anything that we have here.
oops...where did my comment go? I was wondering if you tried their apple fritters..or if you make apple turnovers or fritters. I searched your sidebar but didn't see them.

As pretty as it was..it did look cold. I tried visiting Connecticut on October and nearly froze to death..I shook and didn't stop shaking until I got of the plane in Los Angeles. There seems to be a bone chilling cold on the East Coast...at least in New England.

August is the latest I have ever visited there and I had a light jacket on the entire time. :)

The Santa's were beautiful!! It looks like each booth is a permanent one. Are they? Wonderful Fairs back there..just wonderful!
Mary Ann said…
Wait, isn't that the place you went to the fall fair just a few weeks ago it seems? The buildings look the same.

We have already had one Christmas craft show here, and the other two big ones are on the same day, the first Saturday in November.
sandra hagan said…
Lovely Christmas gifts and food.

Thanks for the tag along.