A Trip to the Pumpkin Farm

 On our way home, driving through the countryside, we spied this pumpkin farm.  Can you hear my wheels squealing as I made the hard right into the farm?

 This flatbed was just pulling up with a load of giant pumpkins.

 Someone had fun painting bales of hay.

 It was so cute how they decorated all of the farm buildings.

 Look at these babies!

 Ornamental cabbages for sale.

 Hayrides offered on the weekends.

 Even the carts were pumpkin colored.

 The Blog Tech was a good sport once again.

 There was a petting zoo too.

 I maaaaed to these guys and they came right up to get petted.

 There was a corn maze but it looked like stink bug land to me so we stayed on the outside.

 The Blog Techs sister was a good sport too.  I can't believe my kids still enjoy doing this stuff with me.  We had so much fun on this trip.


 This was also one of the tidiest farms I have ever seen.  Everything was arranged perfectly.

 Lots of apples and the best unpasteurized apple cider.  It tasted just like the kind we used to drink when I was little.  I find the pasteurized to be undrinkable.

This nice old John Deere wagon sat right out front.  It made for a perfect Fall day!


Sunnybrook Farm said…
They probably yelled, "here she comes" when they saw your car.
Joy said…
What a lovely, lovely farm outing! What's wrong with being a big kid? ;-) I still like doing silly things like this too.
This looks like so much fun!
Pumpkin heaven! I love the beautiful purple of ornamental cabbage -- such a welcome splash of colour in the autumn.
Nellie said…
What a wonderful outing! I would have loved to go, too, though I would stay away from that corn maze if the stink bugs were there! Can't stand them!
It was a happy tagalong for my part today. Fall is such a happy time. Great farm and photos!
Barb said…
What a fun day! I love that last photo. It looks like art to me.
Patty Woodland said…
I'm surprised you left! That must have been nirvana to you
Robin Larkspur said…
I am glad you used your Pricilla-speak to maaaa to the goats!
What a beautiful place, just perfect for you. As always, great pictures of a very happy place.
Cottage Tails said…
I really feel we miss out here in NZ - we have nothing like this here.
It is really wonderful that your kids are still big kids!
Love Leanne
Anonymous said…
What a fantastic place! Did You buy any of those huge pumpkins :-)

Have a great day!
Sandy said…

I bet they heard you flying down the road, slamming on your breaks to make the turn....LOL....

Did you get a few of those big pumpkins? Those are some really nice looking ones.

This farm is awesome!!! We used to have one of these farms in Florida.
Guillaume said…
Oh I'd love to go to a pumpkin farm!
Looks like a blast. Glad you had fun. LOVING those pumpkins.
That pumpkin farm is just precious..and so beautifully organized. I was in awe of the plants, Joyce! I enlarged every single picture..(I always do!) and it was almost like being there..except I couldn't buy anything...so..what did you buy? I can't wait to see!
Suzanne said…
Those pumpkins are HUGE! WOW
Suzanne said…
Those pumpkins are HUGE! WOW
Mary Ann said…
We have a farm like that near us, and they are open weekends now. It is so much fun to either take the grands, or go and watch the kids. The people who run it are very nice, and the place is neat as a pin, and full of good "photo ops". I think your pumpkins there were GORGEOUS but how do you carry them up to the porch?
luckybunny said…
Who doesn't LOVE the pumpkin farm!! And goaties!! Yay! :)