Are You Ready For Halloween?

 Are you doing anything special for Halloween?

 I used to have huge parties but not anymore.

 I actually like Fall more than Halloween.

 I'm happy that Halloween has become so popular but I don't like much of the commercial part of it.

 I like to decorate with Indian corn.

 And mums.

 And I like when mother nature decorates for me.  This was our morning sky.

 A gift from a friend.

 I do get my umbrella out to jump off the roof on All Hallows Eve.

This is the umbrella Sally Owens ( Sandra Bullock) used to jump off the Owen's roof in Practical Magic. The very one!


Margaret said…
Fall is the most beautiful time of year in my opinion. My Mom says "Mother Nature has the best paint brush!" when it comes to the glorious colors! Be careful jumping! We need blog posts with out injuries :)
mxtodis123 said…
The colors are spectacular. I used to love those candies, but as I grow older, they have become too sweet for me. As for Halloween, there is a party at the Center and later I am planning to go to church for All Souls. Had a special dinner on the menu, but that's been toned down.
Anonymous said…
now thats cool!
Robin Larkspur said…
Beautiful fall photos this morning!
Have to say that tiny pumpkin is almost a little creepy-scary. But I know you love that sort of thing!!
Remember your striped stockings when you jump!
AWESOME umbrella.
Nellie said…
Hope you don't try too much roof jumping! I'm not too sure about the magic powers of that umbrella. They may have all been used up! I think you are ready for Halloween!
Patty Woodland said…
That is one gorgeous sunrise.
Nothing special going on here.
Cottage Tails said…
What a beautiful morning sky!

And of course I just adore Sally's brolly
Love leanne
sandra hagan said…
Fall is my favorite season.

Traveling as we do space to transport seasonal decorations is not available.

This year we are tucked away in a country campground of blackjack oaks ablaze with the season! No kids here, just us boomers.

My ready for Halloween is in my heart and one lone pumpkin outside on the picnic table.

The fall colors are compelling to me and you photos are great.

Happy Fall.....the wild magnolia
Anonymous said…
I still haven't found that movie here. But I keep on looking.

I can't say I felt any apple in that bread but it did come out better than usual, perhaps I should try two apples nect time.

I'll try to carv my pumpkins this week, I've never done it before so I have no idea how it will look :-)

Have a great day!
Sunnybrook Farm said…
I am not the least bit ready but something tells me you are ready and waiting for the doorbell to wring.
I loved your fall skyline, such beautiful colors; Happy Halloween!
Guillaume said…
You buy a lot of Halloween decorations and memorabilia for someone who finds it too commercial now...;-) I am teasing you of course. I'd do the same. I do the same, whenever I can. I am not doing anything special, or special enough this Halloween. But I blog, I read ghost stories, I watch horror movies. Sadly, this year there will be no Jack O'Lantern tale on my blog.
Barb said…
How great having that umbrella!! One good thing is fall lasts awhile, Halloween is only one day!
No plans other than to stay home. Making your Chili recipe, giving out candy, NO parties. I do like Halloween but like you..Fall is just the best season of all. Winter is good but only if it would snow and be really nice and cold and that seldom happens here.
I loved that film..AND SANDRA
Birgit said…
The morning sky is amazing!

And, sure thing, it was awesome to see the umbrella again. I mean THE umbrella! :)
luckybunny said…
That sky is beautiful! Love those pumpkin cream candies, my faves... I've been indulging. It's pretty quiet here on Halloween, no one around for miles. Although I'm waiting for the goats to come to the house in a line waiting for their candy! :)
Amanda said…
love it!! Happy Halloween!
chickpea678 said…
I love your little figurines, especially the witch, the black cat and the owl. I love the tableaux you create with your mini things.