This area of Cleveland has been run down for years but I think they are now on the upswing.  After leaving the market, we explored the neighborhood because we noticed some changes.

 We saw this right beside the market.  Click to read about it.

 They even have a farm stand to sell what they grow.  It was quite impressive.

 Just across from the market on the other side, we found streets with the cutest houses which have been rehabbed.

 Most had lovely gardens.

 We saw lots of new shops and restaurants too.  It is wonderful and exciting to see such a previously depressed area become energized again.

It looks like this is going to be a hot area to live in.  It is right by all the major highways and you can walk to just about everything you need.

 But please Cleveland, lose the politically incorrect Indian image!  It just has to go. 

 Back in the car, we headed out to the country.

 And found a farm stand selling apple cider slurpees which made everyone very happy.  They were so good.

 The mountains are ready to burst out in fabulous Fall colors.

 Back home, we poured through our market swag.  Our candy apple made it back with only a little wrapper damage.

 Pickled eggs in new flavors.

 Dichotomy popcorn.  It is a mixture of caramel and cheese.

 Lots of bacon, some of which is maple bacon.

 Lots of sausages for sauerkraut which will be made soon.

Huntsman and Buttermilk Blue which is the best blue cheese ever.

We made another stop on our way home which I will show you tomorrow.


Anonymous said…
thats wonderful to see run down areas brought back to life, you brought back some mighty fine goodies!That is amazing bacon, my husband would be drooling I love the smell of bacon, absolutely love it, (poor piggy, lol), you know I don't eat a lot of meat but I love bacon in my potatoe soup and things like that, those are very interesting pickled eggs, Garry has pickled eggs in the fridge always, I would be interested in the different flavours, the sausage will be lovely with your sauerkraut, I haven't made homemade since mum died.Thats an experience, keeps the sinus clear for sure of course I doubt yours ferments behind the recliner chair in the living room, lol!
Suzanne said…
What a lovely tour! thank you
Gentrification works wonders in old run-down areas!
Natasha said…
Ohhh how I remember that area. I grew up on the West side of Cleveland but my best friends grandma lived in that area, treatmont/ Ohio City area. If I was to move back to Ohio I would live in that area. It really is a great little neighborhood and there are some really good places to eat there as well...

Although I do not miss the cold winters I sure do miss the fall foilage such a beautiful time of year. Thanks for sharing your day :)
Nellie said…
It is very encouraging to see depressed areas begin to recover! Your bacon and cheese purchases are very tempting!
Cottage Tails said…
Those apple cider slurpees sound very yum!

Love Leanne
Sandy said…

How wonderful to see an area renewed and coming back to life.

I love farmers markets and gardens with big old homes.

Your trip and pictures are amazing.
Can't wait to see more!
Robin Larkspur said…
You always find great places to show us! I am not sure about the pickled eggs though.
Patty Woodland said…
I think the upswing in the price of gas leads to the move back to cities which makes what you wrote about happen.

It's not cost effective to live far out in suburbia any more so it pays to bring back city neighborhoods.
Guillaume said…
Pickled eggs, I haven't had that in ages and ages!
Megs said…
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Megs said…
I love to see old gardens reclaimed!
We love the Jake and Amos stuff- love the jalapeño eggs. The buttermilk blue looks great- we love a type called maytag.
So great to read your posts!
luckybunny said…
Ohhh all kinds of GOOD stuff!! That apple cider slurpee is one of the best ideas ever!! I bet they are awesome!
luckybunny said…
Ohhh all kinds of GOOD stuff!! That apple cider slurpee is one of the best ideas ever!! I bet they are awesome!
There are many people who still care about out earth. I believe there are more and more all the time! Great share.

This would be your month......Halloween! Enjoy!
Barb said…
The yummy food looks so good. I love candy apples! That area reminds me of an area in Louisville called Old Louisville. I love to see those areas renovated not torn down!!
What a lovely area. Those apple cider slurpees look tasty. And I LOVE blue cheese.
chickpea678 said…
Hmmmm...pickled eggs...I've never had one but they sound intriguing! I e never even seen them for sale, I'll keep a look out. Yummy looking cheese and bacon. Thanks for the tour of that cute Cleveland neighborhood!