We are still trying to squeeze as many trips in as we can this Fall and we went somewhere we had not been before....Erie.

 It was a gorgeous Fall day with lots of fog when we headed out very early.

 We headed to a pumpkin farm but when we arrived, it was overrun with small children who were on a field trip so we made a quick exit.

 Then we went exploring the area and found a really nice farm market.

 Lots to choose from.

 Apple cider slushies!
 And cherry apple cider slushies!

 Chocolate covered bacon which I thought was disgusting. Someone else ate it though.

 In general, Erie is rather Eerie, a perfect place for this time of year.

 Lots of abandoned factories.

 What does a city do with these?  Lots of them are right on the lakefront.

 We were seeking Lake Erie perch and almost gave this place a try.

 It sits right across from this tower which you can climb for viewing the lake.

 Instead of eating on the wharf, we headed out to a local favorite hot dog joint we had read about.  What a unique selection they had.  This dog was topped with pierogies, sauerkraut and onion crisps with a drizzle of sour cream and mustard.

 This one had a selection of fiery hot peppers.

And hold on to your socks for this one, it was the best hot dog I have ever eaten, I kid you not!  Limburger cheese, chopped onions and grainy brown mustard.  In a million years I never would have thought of putting Limburger on a hot dog. But when the hot dog is placed on the Limburger, it melts and flows into the mustard and onions and makes a rich creamy sauce that works perfectly.  We all agreed it was the best of the bunch though they all were outstanding.  It was worth going to eerie Erie just for the dogs.


Anonymous said…
I have to agree, I would never have thought on putting limburger together with a hotdog :-) But chocolate covered bacon??? It just sounds disgusting :-) :-)

I would love to have a pierogie though, without the hotdog :-) Once they were what everuýbody bought but then the Kebab came and the pierigies vanished from every fast food place. Too bad even if I love kebab's too with lots of hot peppers :-)

I love those two top photographs! They are really cool!

Have a great day!
Megs said…
I love hot dogs! I will have to try the limburger one. And, it is spooky driving around Pennsylvania. We visit Byrnesville, the little town that was right down the mountain from Centralia, where my grandparent lived. It's the town with the coal fire burning underneath it, do we don't stay too long. It is surrounded with beautiful mountains.
Connie said…
I am a huge hot dog fan and those looks really good, especially the hot pepper one. I've never tasted Limburger. Oh, that big old factory on the waterfront. What a great place to turn into a specialty shopping mall. Lots of small shops combined with an in door farmers market. Something like that, might even bring the town back to life :)
Thanks for the fun adventure,
Your blogging sister, Connie :)
Anonymous said…
beautiful photos joyce, love the area, sounds like a great day, I have never in my life heard of such exotic hot dogs, wow!I was wondering who ate the bacon,
Sandy said…

Enjoying a hotdog instead of sitting in a restaurant is so much more fun :-)

I would have to agree with you, bacon with chocolate on it doesn't sound good at all.

Now the slushy on the other hand looked and sounded wonderful.
Patty Woodland said…
I don't get the chocolate covered bacon thing either
We lived in Erie for a year, once upon a time. GREAT memories.
Cottage Tails said…
I'm really enjoying you taking us along to all the fall fairs. But chocolate bacon - you are kidding?
Love Leanne
Guillaume said…
THAT'S what I call a hot dog.
Jan said…
Great photos!!! The old factories would make great condos and that simple green house appealed to me.

The hot dogs looked tasty and the one that you enjoyed sounded yummy!!!

Have a great weekend~~~
Barb said…
I do enjoy a good hot dag. Not on my get rid of pre-diabetes diet though!! Chocolate covered bacon??!! I know what you mean about little ones at the pumpkin patch, same thing happened to us!
They all looked delicious..but the last one sounded wonderful! Hotdogs are one of my favorite things and always have been. I want to make your chili to put on some hotdogs..

Lake Erie..why all the deserted buildings. Sounds depressing. They could make them into housing? It looked very quiet..not many folks walking around.

Yep, I imagine all of the pumpkin patches are full of children this time of year.
I keep looking over at the last hotdog..good heavens but that looks good!
Robin Larkspur said…
I love fog!! A good trip you made. That photo of the chocolate covered bacon looks like someone barfed up an internal organ, yishh!
Those hot dogs are unbelievable!
Anonymous said…
We are on the Canadian side of Lake Erie. Had I known you were there I would have waved ;) I love the Lake Erie Perch at the BeachHouse Restaurant in Port Dover. Love your photos and sharing your trips.
Hugs and Sparkles
Bird said…
The foggy photos are beautiful. I love low hanging mists in the early mornings. The thicker the better... provided I don't have to drive in it. ;-) I would draw the line at chocolate covered bacon, too. Yuck. That just doesn't seem like a good combination at all. And you're right, it looks disgusting! LOL

Bright autumn blessings,
luckybunny said…
OK where to start... that dog with pierogies on it has me drooling. Never ever thought about the combo before but why wouldn't it be good? And I want a cherry apple cider slushie! MAN! great looking day and pictures.
Chris said…
Those look like some amazing hot dogs!!
sandra hagan said…
I love hotdogs and the Limburger looks so good.
chickpea678 said…
Your top three photos are so artful--love them! Those hot dogs look delicious--especially the spicy one!