Fall Garden Cleanup

 See those little red things at the top center of this pic? Early last spring we added about a dozen small fish to our upper pond.  We do this each spring hoping some will survive.  They take the log ride and usually end up in the lower pond.  This year, one ended up in the middle pond all by itself.  It was there this whole year all by itself. Yesterday I caught it and moved it to the lower pond.  I don't know what goes through fishes minds but this little guy seemed extremely happy to be amongst fellow fish.

 They like to hang out under the waterfall.

 I forgot to take a before photo but it was time for me to clean out the gardens.

 I also needed to reset the stone bench and as soon as I sat the top of the bench on the ground, Teddy hopped on to help.

 This stone was already heavy, there was no way I could lift it with the added weight!

 She was so funny, she really enjoyed being on top of it.

 Finally, a bench Teddy could get up on.

 Then she took a little nap amongst the leaves.

 As I was raking the garden, my rake broke.  So, I turned it into a hanging rack in my potting shed.  Good use for a broken rake.

 Lots and lots of cleanup to do. And I need to amend the soil.

The beauty berries are at their best right now.


My "head gardener" has been cleaning up our garden all day long too! Will tell him about the brillant idea of how to use a broken rake.
Patty Woodland said…
Does is need more acid or less acid? If you need more add your coffee grounds. That's what we are doing to help the blueberries grow
Anonymous said…
I always wait until spring to clean up my garden since I'm rather lazy :-) Much less to clean out after a good winter :-)
My dogs only help me with digging, no matter if I want it or not. Last year they dug up my mullberry tree :-)

Have a great day!
Cottage Tails said…
Teddy is a big help in the garden. The poodle has taken to come and help me but I think it more so she can bark at walkers and bikers since I've been working in front garden...
Love Leanne
Robin Larkspur said…
Keep up the good work, you and Teddy. The rake idea is super.
Love those beauty berries!!!
What Teddy wants, Teddy gets! And that's how it should be.
Sandy said…
Your garden area is so pretty. Teddy loves the bench, she just wants to help :-)

Those thing are to heavy to be lifting, add a dog and forget it....lol.......

What pretty beauty berries.
Nellie said…
You are so lucky to have as fine a helper as Teddy!:-)
Will you come to my house and help with garden clean up?
Betty W said…
Your pond is so beautiful and I need to clean out my small garden soon too.
Barb said…
A great post !However, it reminds me of all the work I still need to do!
LOVE your waterfall. Just love it. Teddy is so cute sitting on the bench.
It's funny how they want to get right in the middle of whatever it is you are doing. They are always, always with us no matter what it is we are doing.
I just did the same thing, but my clean up wasn't half as big as yours. Today the gardner came and did a bit more..so..eventually all the over grown areas will be back to normal..at least for awhile.
Poor little fish. Reminds me of a song.."Boop, boop ditty dattum wattum choo?" :)
luckybunny said…
Beautiful pictures. Feels like yesterday it was time to plant. Such a great helper you have there!
Mary Ann said…
Oh how I love the callicarpa. Your garden looks good here at the end of the season. We are getting a hard frost tonight here!
chickpea678 said…
Are those your green legs in the photo, lol?

What a clever use for the rake!