Halloween is Almost Here

 I don't know about you but I am still trying to squeeze in as much Halloween stuff as I can before it is over.  Like checking out neighbors decorations!

 And enjoying my Halloween signs before they are packed away.

 Wearing Halloween jewelry.

 Eating pumpkin honey on toast.

 Visiting the farm markets before they close for winter.

 Making lots of things with apples.

 Taking my pup for Fall walks.

 Making pumpkin donuts.

 Making The Blog Tech do silly things.

 Again and again and....


 Giving bloody bones to scary puppies (this is a very old photo).

 Making Halloween decorations.

Savoring every last moment!


Suzanne said…
I am so not prepared this year.

I have to try those pumpkin doughnuts! They look incredible.

I adore the bracelets.
Robin Larkspur said…
Nice Halloween post. You always make Halloween enjoyable for everyone!
I made your Apple Mabon cake last night, we all loved it. (yes, I know it is not Mabon, but it tasted very good just the same.)
NanaDiana said…
Looking pretty spooktacular to me! xo Diana
A wonderful Halloween post. I am doing my decorations today.
Patty Woodland said…
Well, then you can start planning for next year!
Anonymous said…
no one I know does Halloween as well as you, bloody bones and all, that blog tech is such a ham, lol, he is great!
Debby said…
Such a wonderful season for sure. I love fall. I hate to see it go as well. We have the holiday seasons to look forward to.
Happy Halloween.
Know just what you mean.
We still have time before we take to our brooms and fly over the rooftops, at least that's what I'm hoping happens......
Anonymous said…
Ahh, Teddy as a puppy is soo cute :-)

It'¨s so fun to look around blogs from the USA to see how You all decorate for Halloween. Some do very little but others make up for that :-) Even if Halloween is growing here too it's still rather calm on the decorating part.

Have a great day!
Nellie said…
A nearby neighborhood, with many children, has really gone all out with the Halloween decorations. We saw some real creative ideas, but alas, I had no camera with me! We hadn't expected to see such a display!
Guillaume said…
I LOVE the last picture, what a sinister witch.
Has Teddy ever worn a costume????
Barb said…
It all looks like fun to me!
Velva said…
Halloween no doubt is one of your favorite holidays....It is definitely a fun time of year. Enjoy!
Not exactly sure why but this is my favorite all time Halloween post! Sometimes you just say exactly how I feel and it's such a great feeling! Better put, you put my feelings into words. I am doing the same thing..trying to cram it all into the next two days! How I love visiting your blog!!
Cottage Tails said…
Your son is a treasure - I will show my kids that they have to keep being crazy for their mum!
Happy Halloween.
Love Leanne
sandra hagan said…
Awe-some! I missed this yesterday.
luckybunny said…
I want a pumpkin donut! so bad! love jewelry and the decorations :)
I always enjoy your Halloween decorating, Joyce!! You have some great decorations!!