More Festival Photos

 This was one of the best festivals we have attended.  This is how the sauerkraut hut was decorated.

 And here is the seating area where you could eat your wurst with kraut, sauerkraut soup or stuffed cabbage. They turned 7 tons of cabbage into sauerkraut and said they would sell out before the end of the weekend.  I bought 10 quarts and will show you tomorrow what I did with it.

 This building was all about steam.

 The old schoolhouse open to inspect.

 The millhouse.

 These steam valves were tooting away.

 This couple was boiling wool.

 There were lots of craft booths.

 Pick the animal you would like to wear on your head.

 A whole section of the festival was about cutting lumber. They were selling boards which they had just cut for 1.00 each.

 Look at how sharp this blade is.  Click for a closer look.

And check out the detail on this engine.  These people have lots of pride in what they do.  Lots more to see tomorrow.


Apparently sauerkraut is the latest amazing health food that everyone is supposed to eat. You're ahead of the wave!
Patty Woodland said…
Very cool. I get to open my sauerkraut crock at the end of the month and see what I have done.
Looks fantastic!
But that blade is sort of creepy :-) I can imagine what it can do to an arm or hand :-)

That engine is so cool! I've never seen one that can be driven on a normal road, only the railroad kind.

I'm not saure I would like tio have an animal on my head though :-) :-) :-)

Have a great day!
Nellie said…
Sauerkraut and wurst! My, my! What a tasty treat!
Connie said…
This is a wonderful festival, I am enjoying tagging along. Wish I were there, LOL.
Bird said…
I would love to attend a festival like that. Not much going on like that over this way. Apple orchards are flowing over with people, though. Hope you are having a wonderful fall.
That looks like an awesome festival. so many different things besides the crafts.
One wouldn't want to stumble around that blade, turning or not! What a great way to spend a
:) I love the Fall decorations..they go to so much work to make everything nice. Soooo...what did you buy besides the sauerkraut? I used to help my Grandma make it every year and you could just eat it right out of the jar! COLD! What you buy in stores is s just wee too sour for me.
Oh, these all look so festive! enjoy for us too!:) ozlem
Mary Ann said…
You go to the coolest festivals!
luckybunny said…
Looks like a very nice day and such cool stuff to see.