The Christmas Festival Part ll

A little dulcimer for you.

 The festival had lots of good food to choose from.

 Brother Benjamin's Beans...I like that name.

 What would you order?

 The aromas wafted through the woods.

 Homemade potato chips served with malt vinegar.

 A tinsmith.

 These birdhouses were covered in seeds.  The were so cute and edible.

 Check out the hat.

 Picnic tables are scattered throughout so you can eat in the woods.

 Some of the est halushki we ever tasted.  They made it with spaetzel rather than noodles.  I am going to do the same the next time I make it.

 They were selling the pulled pork parfaits too.

 I didn't get to this before The Blog Tech dug in.  This is a fried bologna sandwich.  They slice the bologna thick and then pan fry it and serve it with diced peppers and shredded mozzarella.

 All of the shops were decorated for Christmas.

 Hummingbird feeders.

I bought these leaded glass window corners for my kitchen windows. I have never seen window corners before. The metal part is copper.


Patty Woodland said…
Fried bologna is a very Philadelphia thing.

Looks like you had a blast
Nellie said…
Oh! I would have loved to go to this Fair! Our daughter had dulcimer music played at her wedding. I grew up knowing about fried bologna sandwiches, but they were never a favorite of mine, though I ate a few.
Anonymous said…
wow, now thats a festival! What a great event, I would order potato soup, and of course the ginger bread cookies!!!!
Anonymous said…
Looks so fun!

They'll have a Christmas fair on one of the castles nearby here soon and I'm thinking of going there this year. I think they take a fee just to go inside so I've never been there but I think I might this year. It's the only real christmas fair I know of wround here.

I really couldn't decide what I would get to eat, too much good things to chose from :-) but You do have much better food at these fairs than we ever would have here.

Have a great day!
Guillaume said…
It's too early for Christmas!
I missed Xmas last year because I was in the hospital. So I'm thrilled to see it early this year. I even put up a tree, already. LOVE the window corners and dulcimer player. A long ago friend played the dulcimer.
Robin Larkspur said…
I love those window corners, never seen anything like that.
I have to say ugh to the pulled pork sundae.
I talked about you on my blog today.
The potato and bacon soup sounded good to me. Actually, EVERYTHING sounded good! :)
sandra hagan said…
Thanks for sharing everything looks to inviting.

I am trying to set up a new blog, with eBlogger, and get it right. I want my ID to be the wild magnolia, like it was before.

Rue said…
Oh my gosh, this looks like fun! There are too many food vendors to chose from!

I really like the corners - they are unique. What a clever way to decorate a window.
Mary Ann said…
I grew up eating fried bologna sandwiches on toast, dripping butter. My gosh... it brings back the memories. I'm going to go look up a recipe for halushki right now!