West Side Market

We went to the West Side Market yesterday.

We got there early so it was not very crowded.

To get to the main part of the market, you walk through the produce section.

Frank's Bratwursts are very good.

Most of the meat stalls carry all natural grass fed beef.

I buy cheese here that I can't find anywhere else.

I always buy Lake Erie perch but they were out of it yesterday.

I bought lots from this vendor.

And cannoli's filled to order?  Cool!

Lots of perogi's to choose from.

They also have potato pancakes and stuffed cabbage.

Popcorn pumpkins anyone?

We tried the famous Steve's gyros.

They have rules. (click to enlarge)

They were featured on Man VS Food with Adam Richman.

The market itself is such a wonderful place with the arched bricked ceilings and the subway tiled walls.

One vendor was selling these wonderful steamed buns filled with locally cured ham, Swiss cheese, sprouts and dashi mustard sauce.  I will be making these soon!  More tomorrow.


Looks like a great market - loved that pumpkin popcorn! love markets :)
Robin Larkspur said…
The aromas and sights must have been almost overwhelming.
Anonymous said…
oh wow,what a wonderful market, the cabbage rolls look really good for 2.00 dollars each!The gyros sound amazing, love the rules, made me laugh, reminds me of Sienfeld show with the soup guy, lol, A person could spend some very good time in this market, we had white fish from Lake Superior lasts night it was really good,
Cottage Tails said…
Looks a wonderful place to shop - I enjoyed seeing it. The fruit display looks soo perfectly lined up I bet the sales assistant must hope no one touches his display SMILE.
Love Leanne
Anonymous said…
I would love to go there!
The towns around here are too small to have places like that but the big cities, like my old home town have them of course. Those sandwiches look delicious!

Have a great day!
Sounds like Seinfeld's Soup Nazi went into business as Steve's Gyros after the series ended.
Nellie said…
What an amazing place! Such a variety of tantalizing foods!
Susan said…
Boy, did this post make me homesick. I miss the WSM. Thanks for the trip back...
Patty Woodland said…
I would so love something like that near here
Guillaume said…
I love these kinds of markets! I miss the ones of Montreal. Cannot wait to see them again.
Sunnybrook Farm said…
That looks like a really nice place to shop. Good photos as well!
luckybunny said…
What an awesome market!!
Barb said…
What a wonderful market!
Casa Pearl said…
Makes me homesick. I used to go with my dad on Saturdays growing up. That and Galucci's for olives!
That sandwich looks scrumptious. You're lucky to have such a nice market to shop at.
jody said…
Wow! I have never been to a beautiful market like that! Would spend the whole day there im sure! Lots of great items! YUM! Enjoy!
Mary said…
I want to know "what is in the bag that keeps flies away"?????